Your Residential Home Insurance Assessment

A home insurance assessment is occasionally conducted before an insurance policy is prepared. If your property will be assessed by an insurance representative, familiarize yourself with the preparations and steps that may be followed.


An assessment aims to determine a property’s risk and the amount of work that may need to be performed if it eventually needs to be rebuilt. The insurance representative may inspect the home’s exterior and interior.


A property owner should prepare their home for the assessment. The property should be clean and accessible. If there are a lot of items crowding hallways or other areas where the assessment will take place, these items should be temporarily moved to an alternate space. 

Exterior Assessment

During the assessment, which takes place outdoors, the insurance representative will inspect the land and home. They will note damage or weak materials that could pose a threat. If the property is located in a low-lying area, the representative may note this fact. 

Interior Assessment

The interior assessment will provide the representative with the condition of the living space. The inspector may assess the walls for signs of mold, determine if any pests are present, and inspect the HVAC system, plumbing materials, and other critical materials installed within a home.


The insurance representative will provide the property owner with a report of their findings, which will outline any problems that the property owner should address. 

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