Do You Need Full-Coverage Auto Insurance?

In many cases, whether you need a full-coverage auto insurance policy isn’t a simple yes or no question. You’ll want to consider some specifics before deciding how much coverage meets your needs. If you’re in the Cincinnati, OH, area, Advantage Insurance Network can help you get the information you need to choose the best policy for your situation. Then, you can drive and enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind and a feeling of confidence for the road ahead.

One reason you might need a full-coverage policy is having a lienholder. Your car’s lender wants to protect themselves from loss if there’s a claim made or damage to your vehicle, and they do that by requiring you to have a full-coverage policy. That includes at least the minimum requirements for liability, along with comprehensive and collision protection, too.

Many people keep full coverage on their vehicles even if they don’t have a lien on them, and that could be the right choice for your situation. You’ll need to consider the value of your current vehicle, how easy it would be for you to replace it, and other factors. How much you drive and what your commute is generally like every day may also be important to consider, so you want to talk with your agent about everything.

Contact us at Advantage Insurance Network today if you’re in the Cincinnati, OH, area and have questions about full-coverage auto insurance. Whether you’re considering adding or removing coverage on your current vehicle or you’re looking into buying something new, you want to make sure you have the right protection and understand the requirements. Our agents can help you with that so you can just enjoy driving your car.