Why Restaurants and Bars Have Unique Insurance Needs

Get Customized Insurance Coverage for Your Restaurant or Bar

Are you running a restaurant or bar in the greater Cincinnati, OH, area? Pay attention to the unique insurance needs that your business demands. It doesn’t matter if you operate on a large or small scale; every day comes with fresh challenges. To tackle these, Advantage Insurance Network’s Restaurant & Bar insurance policies provide optimal protection.

Alcohol Serving Liability

Serving alcohol heightens the risk and responsibility, both on-premises and away. Our insurance policies provide you with ample liability coverage to handle these potential situations.

Coverage for Extended Customer Dwell Time

Customers usually spend extended periods at restaurants and bars compared to other businesses, thus increasing the risk of claim incidents. Our robust insurance packages are designed to overcome such challenges effectively.

Securing Against Slips and Falls

A significant concern while operating restaurants and bars is the frequent occurrence of slips and falls. Factors like spilled drinks, food on the floor, and dim lighting further elevate these risks. Our policies ensure coverage against such incidents.

Robust Theft Protection

The risk of theft, both internal and external, looms large in the restaurant and bar industry. Advantage Insurance Network’s insurance policies assist in making this threat manageable.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Dealing with a high number of customer interactions daily, the scope for untoward incidents becomes wider. From employees engaging with customers to kitchen staff managing operations, our plans cover these interactions comprehensively.

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