3 Tips to Buying Boat Insurance in Cincinnati

When you buy boat insurance, you may feel a variety of emotions. You may feel annoyed that you have to shell out money, or you may feel proud that you’re taking care of your property. You may feel responsible that you’re doing the right thing. However, sometimes these feelings can get in the way of making the right decision when it comes to the right policy. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind before you buy. 

1. The High Cost of Disasters 

They can often cost more than you think, even if you think your boat isn’t worth anything. You’re not the only person involved here. A guest may be injured and sue you, or one of your family members could be hurt when attempting to perform a basic task on the boat. It’s best to pay for it all now and have a partner on your side. 

2.  The Dangers of the Water 

Water can be deadly, and it can cause more damage than you think. When your boat is exposed to all different types of weather conditions over the season as well as being located in such a precarious place, you truly do want an expert who can help you navigate through the different types of policies to find the right fit for you. 

3. Consult Someone Who Knows 

Advantage Insurance Network serves Cincinnati, OH, and we’re here to get you on your way to a better summer full of tubing and wind in your hair. We know the best and worst parts about boating, which is why you can trust us to find you the best solution when it comes to your boating insurance. Whether you’re cross-comparing rates or have any questions, call us today. 

Independent Insurance Agents at Forefront of American Freedom

As is true in most industries, insurance has companies that conduct business with little regard for the needs of the individual people and businesses in Cincinnati, OH. In effect, clients become mere numbers on an actuarial table that help the main headquarters, located somewhere else, pay its board members extravagant annual bonuses. Yes, it is unfair to the average person in Ohio. For this reason, and others, independent insurance agents remain at the forefront of salvaging American freedom.

Independence Means Freedom

Insurance provides policyholders with the resources to withstand life events that could otherwise prove crushing. Disasters that destroy homes, devastating road collisions and liability for workplace injuries are just a few ways that people can find themselves needing financial help to remain solvent and with a roof over their heads. The independent agents at Advantage Insurance Network help provide the level of coverage needed to survive such unexpected calamities.

Independent agents remain free to give a client an objective analysis of their particular situation. There is no product that the home office requires selling. Instead, people know that when they purchase an Advantage Insurance Network policy, it is what they need for family, home or business.

Moreover, independent agents offer real choices. They are not beholden to any particular brands. Clients receive a variety of options and quotes to choose from.

Stay Free by Dealing With Independent Insurance Agents in Ohio

In so many ways, Americans witness their freedoms eroded each day. Buying insurance, which is a virtual necessity, does not have to be one of those times. Just contact the independent agents at Advantage Insurance Network, serving Cincinnati, OH, for more information on options or use the easy online quote feature today.



5 Reasons You Should Buy from an Independent Insurance Agent in Cincinnati, Ohio

Today, there are many choices when buying insurance. You can buy direct from companies like Progressive or GEICO. You can buy from captive agents like State Farm, Allstate, or Nationwide. But buying from an independent insurance agent, like Advantage Insurance Network, offers many distinct advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Choice – Unlike direct or captive companies, independent insurance agencies sell for multiple insurance companies. When you call State Farm, you will only get one insurance quote. When you call an independent agent, they will shop your insurance with multiple companies and find you the best combination of price and coverage. Independent agents work for you and are not obligated to present policies from one insurance company. Discounts vary from company to company, so having an independent agent will ensure that you get all the discounts you deserve.
  2. Channel – Many companies have offer products through more than one channel. For instance with Progressive, you can either buy direct or through an independent agent. While buying direct may seem appealing, why not let an independent agent shop your insurance through Progressive and many other companies at the same time? Agencies like Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, Ohio offer instant quotes directly on their website much like many of the direct writers. Another example is Allstate. Allstate now offers their products through captive agents and independent agents. Is there any benefit to calling an Allstate captive agent versus an independent agent representing Allstate?
  3. One Stop Shopping – Many independent agencies offer a full line of insurance products. While Progressive can write your auto, home and toys, they do not offer life and health products. So while Progressive may have the best rates on your auto insurance, they may not on your home and they don’t even write life. An independent agent could be your agent on all of your insurance needs even if they are with multiple companies. This can help reduce the risk of gaps in your coverage among different companies.
  4.  Personalized Customer Service – Independent agents can help you with your policies and offer you advice. Independent agents can help you with anything from billing questions to help filing a claim. A good independent agency will review your policy on a regular basis. And as your situation and life changes, they will be sure that your current company still represents your interests best. This eliminates the need for you to do this yourself.
  5. Local Knowledge – Independent insurance agencies are local businesses in your community.   They live and work near you and understand the community. When you call a large company like Progressive or GEICO, you will be just another number. When you call a local agent like Advantage Insurance Network, they want to get to know you and understand where you live.

Insurance is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Working with an independent insurance agency, offers many advantages that can’t be achieved direct or through captive agents. Let the professionals at Advantage Insurance Network, handle all your insurance needs. To experience the difference, visit www.myadvantageinsurance.com.