What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Norwood, OH

Flood insurance in Norwood, OH is a type of coverage that may often be misunderstood. Sometimes, people think of floods only in terms of those that might happen within the home – for example, what might occur when someone accidentally leaves the bathtub water tap on and the house is under several inches of water hours later. In fact, that is usually not the type of flood that flood coverage is really designed to cover. The majority of flood coverage is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and then administered through your own insurance agent.

The flood coverage in policies today is generally divided into two areas. First, the actual house itself. This part of the flood coverage will pay for damage to nearly any part of the home from the basement up to the roof. This coverage is designed to pay for damage to the physical structure of the home, and is not going to cover anything within the home unless it is part of the physical structure.

The other part of most flood policies today is that which does cover the personal property within the home. This will include nearly any of your possessions, including clothes and furniture, and usually virtually anything else. However, items like precious metals (gold bullion for example,) stock certificates, and large amounts of cash aren’t usually included.

Your flood coverage is meant to be as complete as possible. If your home was damaged by the type of flood that was an act of nature, one which was entirely beyond your control, this is the type of situation when your flood insurance will step in to pay for your damages and help you rebuild your home to its pre-flooding state.

This can include rebuilding from the ground up, or it can include rebuilding only the necessary areas, for example doing debris removal and reconstructing walls damaged due to rot. This type of insurance can be a complicated matter to understand, so it’s very important to have an agent that really knows what they’re doing. Our independent agents at Advantage Ins Network can help you get exactly the flood coverage you need to make sure you’re protected to the fullest extent!