Factors That Affect Homeowners Insurance Rates in Ohio

Your home in the Cincinnati, Ohio area has many factors that affect the rate you pay for homeowners insurance. Understanding these factors will go a long way to making sure you have the full coverage you need. Advantage Ins Network will even let you compare homeowners insurance rates online, so you can see the different variables that make up your quotes and get the best rates possible.

Major factors that influence your homeowners insurance rates include the size and value of your home. A home with a value of $200,000 will cost more to insure than a $65,000 home. The amount of your deductible also plays an important role. The higher your deductible, the lower your rate.

Common factors include:

  • Distance from a fire station or hydrant
  • Type of roof material and age of roof
  • Age of home
  • Age of plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems

Your personal factors also can increase your insurance costs. If you have a swimming pool, or a dog that is classified as aggressive, you will pay a higher insurance premium. If you have made numerous claims against your insurance, your rates will also be higher.

Unfortunately, if there are numerous abandoned homes in your area, you may pay a slightly higher insurance rate. You may be able to reduce the rate with the installation of fire and smoke alarms. Talk to us to find out what you can do for improvements.

Do remember that your Cincinnati home is not protected from floods under your regular homeowner’s policy. If your residence was built along low-lying banks of any river, talk to us about a flood insurance policy. Advantage Ins Network is your independent agency for the Cincinnati area, and we are available to help you with all your insurance needs.