Drivers Should Put the Brakes on Reporting Car Accidents on Social Media

Throughout the last few years, increasing numbers of auto insurance companies claims adjusters, and attorneys have been probing consumers’ social media accounts when they file claims, looking for evidence to prove that they were made under false pretenses.  Facebook is probably mined the most, but claims-investigators also examine Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most insurance companies have special investigation units (SIUs) that look at social media if they have any reason to suspect fraud.  

Large numbers of claims have been denied because social media posts and photos called their validity into question, especially in cases of bodily injury.  If policyholders report, for example, that an auto accident caused a back injury, and then share photos in which they’re playing sports, the claim will probably be considered fraudulent.  

Drivers in Cincinnati, OH need to be sure that their posts are consistent with the information they provide when filing a claim.  Motorists are likely to call unwanted attention to their claim if they report driving against a doctor’s order or under the influence of medication.  If they claim a physical limitation because of their injury and then share posts in which said limitation seems non-existent, they will raise red flags. 

There are a few things Cincinnati, OH drivers can do to protect themselves from social media scrutiny.

Investigating claims via social media is legal if the claimant’s settings are "public."  Users should restrict their settings so that only friends can see them.  However, this does not guarantee complete privacy.  Drivers are best-advised not to post about their auto accidents on social media at all.  If that’s already happened, they may be able to dispute the decision if their claim is denied.

Contact Advantage Insurance Network to discuss your options.

DIY Winter Home Maintenance

Want to keep your house in good condition throughout the Cincinnati, OH winters? There are a few home maintenance tips that you can do yourself to help keep your home secure for the season.

  • Gutters – Clean your gutters to remove any debris that may have become trapped over the last few months. If your gutters are blocked, water can damage your roof and fascia of your home. Water that settles can attract insects, animals, and rodents. Water that flows over can seep into your foundation and cause mold damage. Remove any large debris by hand and then, with a gutter attachment, spray the gutters with a garden hose. This is a good time to see if your gutters are draining properly. If not, you will need to flush the downspout with a hose.
  • Empty Pipes – Before the weather gets below freezing temperatures, make sure there is no water in the exterior pipes of your home. Shut off the main water valve and then run all of the faucets until the pipes are clear. Don’t forget about the toilets, dishwasher, and washing machine. Add a small amount of propylene glycol to prevent freezing from standing water inside of any pipe traps.
  • Fireplace Maintenance – Fireplaces that are not maintained properly can cause house fires and could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Check the outside of your chimney for cracks and make sure that your cap is in good condition. The screen preventing rodents and animals from entering your home should be damage-free and clear of debris. Also, clean out any ash from inside your fireplace.

 In Cincinnati, OH, our independent insurance agents can help you keep your home safe and secure with home insurance. We can also take care of your auto, business, life, health, and boat insurance needs.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter in Cincinnati, OH

If you live in Cincinnati, OH, you live in a climate where the seasons change in a fairly extreme manner. As such, you need to be prepared for those seasonal changes, particularly the shift to cooler weather in the autumn and winter. This can actually have a real effect on you financially, as certain types of damage that can be caused by seasonal weather are not covered by your home insurance policy except for very specific circumstances. There are many things you should keep in mind about home insurance in the state of Ohio.

One thing that you should do is make sure to get your furnace cleaned and inspected by a qualified technician. You should actually do this every year around this time, as damage can accumulate and make it so that your furnace does not work properly. You should also make sure that your chimney is clean, and you should have maintenance done if necessary. Additionally, you should position any downspouts away from the foundation of your home, so that water damage does not become a problem. This water damage would likely not be covered by insurance if it did occur, so you want to make sure to prevent it. You should get rid of any overloading sockets or frayed wires, as these can be potential fire hazards, especially during the characteristically dry weather of the winter. It would be a very good idea to take a look at your home insurance policy, so that you know exactly what kind of damage would be covered and what is not.

If you want to know more about home insurance in Ohio, you should contact the professionals at Advantage Insurance Network. The agents at Advantage Insurance Network can answer all the questions that you have about home insurance in Cincinnati, OH and tell you what you should keep in mind as you are preparing your home for the cooler seasons of the year.

Can I Save Money with Progressive Snapshot? How does a Tracking Device Save Money on my Car Insurance?

All drivers are not the same. So why should you be lumped in with everyone in your age group? Or zip code? At Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH we strive towards an individual experience. Insurance companies have realized that driving habits can vary greatly from person to person, household to household, and have come up with ways to reward good driving behavior. Here are a few examples from the companies we represent:


Progressive – Snapshot

Progressive’s Snapshot device measures mileage, the time of day you drive and hard braking. It is NOT a GPS device.   When you are enrolled in the Snapshot program, you can follow your driving behavior online and track your discount.

The average customer savings with Progressive’s Snapshot device program is $150 per year.

Your rate will not increase with Snapshot. A discount of up to 30% is applied at a vehicle level and will stay on your policy as long as your vehicle stays on the policy. An initial discount is applied after your first 30 days with Snapshot and after one policy term, your final discount is applied.


Travelers – Intellidrive

Travelers Intellidrive program gives you a discount based solely on the number of miles you drive. If you drive less than 13,000 miles a year you can get up to a 30% discount.

A 10% discount is added to your first policy term just for adding Intellidrive to your Travelers auto policy.

Teen driving with Travelers Intellidrive – Travelers Intellidrive allows parents to set up guidelines for how and where a car is driven. Parents can then set text or email alerts to know when the car is being driven outside these limits. Want a text message when your teen drives over 55mph? Sign up for Travelers Intellidrive. Want an email when your teen drives outside of the 30 mile perimeter you have set up? Sign up for Travelers Intellidrive. Parents can be reassured of good driving behavior even when they are not in the car.

When you log onto your online account you can track how and where the car is driven to better understand and improve your driving habits.


Allstate – Drivewise

Allstate’s Drivewise device measures mileage, your driving time of day, hard braking, and speeds over 80 miles per hour.

Allstate savings start as soon as you install the Drivewise device in your car. You can earn additional savings every six months with each Allstate policy renewal. Allstate Drivewise discounts are applied per vehicle.

Allstate Drivewise data can be accessed through your smartphone.

In order to maximize your discount with Allstate’s Drivewise program, you should average driving 25-30 miles or less per day, avoid driving over 80mph, avoid late night driving and maintain a safe driving distance between your car and the car in front of you to avoid hard braking.


Metlife – My Journey

Metlife’s My Journey device measures mileage, the time of day your car is driven, braking, speed, acceleration and cornering.

Metlife’s My Journey device is kept in your vehicle for 24 months. You can earn a discount of up to 30%. This discount is kept on your policy for as long as the car stays on the policy.

You can create an account on Metlife’s website to monitor your My Journey device that will allow you to track driving behavior and modify any potential bad driving habits that would go against your final discount with them.


If you think you could benefit from any of these discounts or are interested in learning about other potential discounts you could benefit from, contact us at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH. Or you can visit our website at any time at


What is the Average Cost of a Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Delhi, OH?

Anyone who has a motorcycle in the area of Delhi, OH will need to maintain the proper kind of insurance coverage to make sure that they are protected from accidents and damage of all kinds. The average cost of a motorcycle insurance policy varies greatly because the coverage that each individual may choose is different.

Generally speaking, there are a few types of coverage that nearly every motorcycle owner will decide to include in their insurance policy. If you include the following three types of coverage in your insurance policy and choose a deductible that you know you can afford, you will usually be able to get the best average rates for a motorcycle policy.

Liability: This is the insurance meant to cover other people. If you’re the one who caused the damage in an accident, the liability coverage will pay for the damages to any others (but not to your own motorcycle.)

Collision: This type of insurance will pay for repairs to your motorcycle whether you caused the damage or not. The only caveat is that the damage must have been caused by, as the name implies, some kind of collision.

Comprehensive: This coverage pays for motorcycle repairs or damages that don’t fit into the collision category. For example, if your motorcycle was stolen, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the repairs. This coverage can also include other things like vandalism, damage from animals, and weather related damages.

To get the average cost for the type of motorcycle policy you want, it is important that you do some comparison shopping. The Advantage Ins Network can provide you with several different policy choices from leading insurance providers – we give you the tools to choose the rate and policy you want!

What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Norwood, OH

Flood insurance in Norwood, OH is a type of coverage that may often be misunderstood. Sometimes, people think of floods only in terms of those that might happen within the home – for example, what might occur when someone accidentally leaves the bathtub water tap on and the house is under several inches of water hours later. In fact, that is usually not the type of flood that flood coverage is really designed to cover. The majority of flood coverage is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and then administered through your own insurance agent.

The flood coverage in policies today is generally divided into two areas. First, the actual house itself. This part of the flood coverage will pay for damage to nearly any part of the home from the basement up to the roof. This coverage is designed to pay for damage to the physical structure of the home, and is not going to cover anything within the home unless it is part of the physical structure.

The other part of most flood policies today is that which does cover the personal property within the home. This will include nearly any of your possessions, including clothes and furniture, and usually virtually anything else. However, items like precious metals (gold bullion for example,) stock certificates, and large amounts of cash aren’t usually included.

Your flood coverage is meant to be as complete as possible. If your home was damaged by the type of flood that was an act of nature, one which was entirely beyond your control, this is the type of situation when your flood insurance will step in to pay for your damages and help you rebuild your home to its pre-flooding state.

This can include rebuilding from the ground up, or it can include rebuilding only the necessary areas, for example doing debris removal and reconstructing walls damaged due to rot. This type of insurance can be a complicated matter to understand, so it’s very important to have an agent that really knows what they’re doing. Our independent agents at Advantage Ins Network can help you get exactly the flood coverage you need to make sure you’re protected to the fullest extent!

Buy Cheap Auto Insurance Policy in Cincinnati, OH

All drivers need auto insurance to protect their financial interests when operating a motor vehicle. We make it easy to shop and compare car insurance in Cincinnati, OH by simply logging onto our website, entering your information and generating a free, no obligation quote.

Keep in mind that auto insurance is not optional in Ohio. In fact, the consequences of driving without car insurance in OH are significant, ranging from a 90 day to 1-year suspension of your license. The state may even impound your vehicle after multiple offenses. At our office, we can help you find a policy that not only meets the state’s minimum property and bodily injury liability coverage requirements, but also helps pay your own medical bills and personal property repairs following a collision or other covered event.

Accidents are never planned for — they are always unexpected. Waiting until after a collision or other accident has occurred could be too late. That is not the time to find out if your insurance policy is lacking vital coverage. We encourage all drivers to know exactly what their policies cover and review them twice annually to ensure the same or better coverage cannot be found at a more affordable rate.

Shop and Compare Ohio Auto Insurance Today

Our agents simplify the insurance purchase process and help ensure you never have a lapse in coverage. Our goal is to see every Norwood area driver get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. Our helpful agents have assisted many area residents in identifying gaps in existing coverage and lowering monthly premiums. If you are currently without car insurance or have not compared rates within the last six months, don’t wait to get the coverage you need. Request your free quote today.

About Advantage Ins Network in Cincinnati, OH

Every insurance agency requires top-rated services, self-selected missions and premium insurance policies to maintain a surrounding community. We intend to deliver the best-possible features of Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH, and we intend to offer individuals low costs with fantastic benefits.

High Dedication, and Incomparable Services

Where old-fashioned services are considered, a viable insurance agency assists its customers through time-tested and true practices. Visitors are important, and each Advantage Insurance Network services has been adequately streamlined to offer the following amenities:

  • High responsiveness
  • Experienced staff
  • Individually tailored insurance programs
  • Practical, accurate information about policies

On an Agent Level, and Into Custom Involvement

Each agent is selected to offer specified services, and every individual’s interests are maintained through complete transparency. Clients are always notified about policy changes, claim reports and billing information, so representatives and clients are on the same page, always

Where independence is considered, Advantage Insurance Networks provides quick rate checkups, coverage options and direct options. Better rates are always viable, and each option grants individuals complete flexibility when selecting their packages.

A One-Stop Shop for Insurance Needs

Many forms of Ohio insurance are provided, and each is delivered beneath one roof, with a unified staff, and to a surrounding beneficiary community. The following lines of insurance are offered, all to your benefit:

  • Auto insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Annuities insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance

No Hidden Surprises

Again, licensed agents are always on-hand, and we’re always ready to assist your every need when surveying options. Ohio is well-regulated by overarching, state-by-state, laws, and each coverage option may appear unilateral at first glance. However, several mechanics may work differently on different levels, and individuals are always urged to contact us for more information. Insurance is always available, and many options, when researched, yield wonderful amenities.

Commercial Insurance Rates in Cincinnati, OH

As the owner of a commercial property in the Cincinnati, OH area you may be wondering how to get the best commercial insurance rates. This actually depends upon several different things, but there is one thing that every commercial property owner can do that will always allow for access to the lowest possible commercial coverage prices. The best thing you can do when you want good commercial insurance rates is to compare.

There are almost countless insurance providers out there today, and they are most decidedly not all created equally. You can get nearly identical policies from multiple insurance providers today, but you might be astonished at just how much the rates on these commercial policies can really vary. This is the reason that comparison is so vital. No matter how much money you may have to devote to insurance, it just makes no sense to spend more than you really need to.

An independent insurance agency can be your best friend when you are trying to get the insurance quotes that you need to make accurate commercial policy comparisons. Independent agencies don’t work for one large insurance provider. Instead, they work for themselves and enter into partnerships with dozens of different large insurance providers, forming a working relationship with each of them so that they can secure policy quotes for their clients.

In most cases, an independent insurance agency will generate at least three different commercial policy quotes for you to compare and consider. This will allow you to make sure you’re getting the lowest rates, and will allow you to verify that your commercial coverage is comparable to that being offered by other insurance providers.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck with high rates and poor coverage in your commercial policy. Instead, you can compare quotes on the Web through Advantage Ins Network. We will give you multiple quotes in only minutes so you can easily find the best rates and policy!