What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover?

Restaurants get exposed to a broader range of calamities in Cincinnati, OH. From lawsuits, fires to natural disasters, the danger is always lurking in restaurant businesses. Thankfully, you can cushion your business with restaurant insurance.

Are you a restaurant owner seeking prolific coverage to protect your business from the unthinkable? Please speak with our reputable agents at Advantage Insurance Network, and they will help you select dependable restaurant insurance to help you shun financial instances that are dreadful to overcome.

What does restaurant insurance cover?

It’s imperative to know that no restaurant business is immune to risks and going without insurance is a recipe for disaster. We have policies tailored to protect your restaurant in the below areas:

  • Liability protection: Business owner’s policy (BOP) is a popular and cost-effective viable option for a restaurant. It combines commercial property insurance and general liability insurance under one formidable plan. It’s suitable for food contamination and spoilage and potential business interruption incidences.
  • Protects workers: Many states, including Ohio, requires restaurant joints with employees to carry workers comp insurance irrespective of whether the employees are seasonal or permanent. Restaurant insurance caters to employees’ medical expenses and missed wages benefits after an injury or sickness contracted while working in your restaurant.
  • Protects your commercial vehicles: Does your restaurant own any cars or trucks to run your operations? Worry no more because commercial auto insurance protects your vehicle from accidents and other risks stated in your policy. It also covers injuries to your driver.
  • Liquor liability insurance: It caters to property damage, legal fees, and medical expenses of prevailing injuries if the liquor is sold to an intoxicated client who proceeds to harm other patrons.

If you are a seasoned restaurant owner or aspiring to become one in Cincinnati, OH, it’s critical to invest in restaurant insurance. Ready to get coverage? Please call or visit us at Advantage Insurance Network and get more information about restaurant insurance.