Ohio Commercial Insurance: Most Common Workers Comp Claims in Ohio

Millions of dollars are paid out in workers’ compensation claims every year through commercial insurance policies. In Ohio, workers’ compensation claims are frequent as the labor force manages a lot of physical labor. 

At Advantage Insurance Network, we help Cincinnati, OH business owners get the workers’ compensation insurance they need so that their employees are protected from financial losses in the event of an accident at work.

These are the most common workers’ comp claims in Ohio that we see.


Strains such as a repetitive strain injury or an injury after lifting or moving an object are the most common workers’ compensation claims. This is an injury that occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched beyond its limit. Some experts say that strains account for as much as 30 percent of workers’ compensation claims. Strains can prevent workers from working as they prevent walking, moving, and lifting.


A contusion is a bump or a bruise that can happen when the body bumps into something. We see head contusions happen frequently, but a contusion can happen anywhere on the body. It is a serious bruise that creates swelling and damage. These will prevent work due to pain and loss of use. 


A laceration is a cut that can occur from an accident at work. You could have an accident with a stapler or a piece of machinery. Lacerations that lead to work loss typically involve stitches that take time to heal until you can use that body part normally again. This could take weeks, and for some, even months if there are complications.

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