Condo Insurance in Ohio: What Coverage do I Need?

When you have a condo in Ohio, you want to be protected from every liability or financial risk. You may not be required to get condo insurance in Ohio, unless your lender or mortgage broker requires it. 

At Advantage Insurance Network, we help Cincinnati, OH condo owners get the coverage they need for their condo living. We can help you build the right policy for your needs.

Learn more about what coverage you could need in a condo in Ohio.

Your Condo Association Policy

When you have a condo, the condo association or condo board will have a master policy that covers the areas of the grounds for which they are responsible. Those are typically the most common areas, areas that many people would share.

That could include a common room or lounge, elevators, front foyer, hallways, and common storage areas where shared belongings are kept. Personal storage units that contain only your belongings would be your insurance responsibility.

Your Personal Condo Insurance Policy

For your own personal condo insurance policy, you will want to have at minimum, liability coverage. This will cover you financially in the event that an accident occurs in your home for which you are held liable. 

That could be a dog bite, a slip and fall, or another problem that you are responsible for. This liability coverage will follow you when you travel.

You may also be interested in contents coverage, that will cover you in the event that you experience damage, loss, or theft, of any of your personal belongings.

Improvements and betterments coverage is also a traditional component of condo insurance and can be used to make renovations or improvements to your unit.

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Condo insurance is like renter’s insurance, where the primary land workers or managers assume a lot of risks. That is what their insurance will cover. Yours will cover the risks in your own home. At Advantage Insurance Network, we help Cincinnati, OH condo owners get the most thorough coverage for their needs. Call us for a quote today.