How to protect yourself as a condo owner

Are you a condo unit owner in Cincinnati, OH? One of your concerns will be how best to protect your condo unit from weather perils, theft or damage. The smartest to do this would be to have a condo insurance policy as other factors may not be within your control.

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is cover taken by Condo unit owners to meet the financial obligation in case it is damaged by certain perils such as fire or stolen. The policy covers the interior structure of the unit, liability and loss of use, and owner’s personal liability.

Condo unit owners own a small section of large buildings, making their insurance needs very unique. Finding the right cover for your condo unit is essential. At Advantage Insurance Network, we have the top-rated insurance companies. Our dedicated agents will help find a customized cover that meets your needs.

There are different variations of the condo policy, that is, additional coverage and specialty coverage. All Condo Insurance policies will include

  • General liability coverage-This covers the condo unit from such liabilities as personal injury and bodily damage. Any injuries to third parties within your condo association may sue you for the damages. The general liability coverage caters to the financial obligations of these lawsuits.
  • Property Insurance-This covers your Condo unit and Condo association common areas from fire theft and natural disasters.

In Cincinnati, OH, you may consider having an added cover based on the location of your condo unit and other factors of your property. Condo unit owners insure themselves against any errors that could be made by the condo association through its directors.

A variety of risks need to be evaluated before taking up the condo insurance policy. Our agents at Advantage Insurance Network will guide through the process and ensure you receive value for your money. Please visit the Advantage insurance Network website or give us a call for information!