How To Handle Being Hit While Parked

While it is more common for a vehicle to be hit while on the road, hit and run accidents frequently occur when your vehicle is parked on the street, whether in front of your home, in the grocery parking lot, or in a parking structure. You may see the event as it occurs or may come back to your vehicle to find damage. The guilty party often doesn’t leave any contact information, leaving you, as the vehicle owner, with the issue of having the damage fixed. When your car experiences a hit and run, it’s often unclear what you should do, and many people are confused about the details of their auto insurance coverage. If your vehicle is hit while parked in Cincinnati, OH, here are some guidelines to help you proceed.

Locate Witnesses and Document The Accident

Make a note of the time you first noticed damage to your car. If you saw the vehicle and person who hit your car, take notes describing the vehicle and driver. If not, there may be other witnesses to the event who can provide information about the make and model of the vehicle, the color, and possibly a partial license plate number. Get contact details from these witnesses, as they may be asked to provide a statement regarding what they’ve seen, even if they don’t have specific information, as they will be able to provide verification that your car was hit by another vehicle which fled the scene.

Take photos or video of the damage your vehicle sustained, and look for paint scrapes which can help support your claim that another vehicle hit your car. Document the immediate area that clearly shows where your car was parked, and include identifying signs and landmarks when possible. If your vehicle was parked on the street, knock on doors of nearby homes and businesses and speak to people who may be able to provide useful information about the incident, the vehicle or the driver.  

Look for closed circuit TV cameras or security cameras in the area that may have captured the event, and request copies of the footage. This is a good approach for vehicles that are hit in parking lots or parking structures.  Call the police and Advantage Insurance Network immediately and make a report as soon as possible, even if there were no witnesses to the event.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Hit and Run Accidents

It is upsetting to come out of your home or back from a movie and find that your vehicle has received damage from a hit-and-run driver. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right auto insurance protection. At Advantage Insurance Network, we take great care to ensure that if your vehicle it hit while parked, that you have the correct type and amount of Cincinnati, OH auto insurance coverage to cover your losses. Call our office today!