DIY Winter Home Maintenance

Want to keep your house in good condition throughout the Cincinnati, OH winters? There are a few home maintenance tips that you can do yourself to help keep your home secure for the season.

  • Gutters – Clean your gutters to remove any debris that may have become trapped over the last few months. If your gutters are blocked, water can damage your roof and fascia of your home. Water that settles can attract insects, animals, and rodents. Water that flows over can seep into your foundation and cause mold damage. Remove any large debris by hand and then, with a gutter attachment, spray the gutters with a garden hose. This is a good time to see if your gutters are draining properly. If not, you will need to flush the downspout with a hose.
  • Empty Pipes – Before the weather gets below freezing temperatures, make sure there is no water in the exterior pipes of your home. Shut off the main water valve and then run all of the faucets until the pipes are clear. Don’t forget about the toilets, dishwasher, and washing machine. Add a small amount of propylene glycol to prevent freezing from standing water inside of any pipe traps.
  • Fireplace Maintenance – Fireplaces that are not maintained properly can cause house fires and could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Check the outside of your chimney for cracks and make sure that your cap is in good condition. The screen preventing rodents and animals from entering your home should be damage-free and clear of debris. Also, clean out any ash from inside your fireplace.

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