College Bound Auto Insurance Coverage

So what happens when a young person is college-bound in Cincinnati, OH? Well, of course there is the excitement, the amazement of a new place and people, and a little bit of anxiety about going to a new school. But when the fuss settles down a bit, one of the pressures tends to be cost. So the natural reactions tends to be trying to save where possible and getting ready to live on a tight budget or limited means. And that can lead a family or young person to veer towards budget auto insurance as well. However, minimum coverage is not always a good idea when going to college, according to Advantage Insurance Network. Here’s a few reasons why.

First, colleges and universities are full of young people doing dumb things. It’s part of growing up. And that means there can be some knuckleheads who like to play pranks or do worse, like break in cars to steal things. So car intentional car damage happens. Second, students tend to be less-than-stellar drivers which means college areas tend to be more accident prone as well. Third, parking is most likely going to be outside versus a garage, whether living a dormitory or at an apartment. That means exposure raises the risk of things happening to a car parked on the street or in a big parking lot. And, finally, college students love to go on trips with each other for all sorts of reasons, and that means driving in unfamiliar places which also contributes to accidents or problems.

Given all the above, Cincinnati, OH college-bound students are going to be better served with a comprehensive auto policy where possible. To get more details on how to make it happen with different budgets, the folks at Advantage Insurance Network can help. Give them an email or call to find out more.