Your First Auto Insurance Policy: Here’s what You Need to Know

All states have their own auto insurance laws, including Ohio. If you own a car in Cincinnati, OH, here are some basic things you can expect when purchasing your first auto insurance policy. Many of these topics can be further explained by a reputable insurance agent, however, here are some of the basics to help you gain a better grasp.  

1. Liability Insurance: There are two areas that fall under liability insurance. These are bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage. This only covers other drivers/passengers or vehicles if you are liable. If the other driver is liable, their insurance covers any property or bodily injury you may incur.  

2.  Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: These are considered optional coverage unless you have a loan on your vehicle. If you are financing your car through a bank, then this coverage becomes mandatory. Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle if there is an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers those less common damages to your vehicle, such as theft or vandalism.  

3.  Uninsured Motorist Coverage: If you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, this coverage will take care of damages.  

4.  Personal Injury Protection: This insurance pays your medical bills regardless of fault.  

To learn more about these and other insurance coverage options for your first-time auto insurance policy, contact the Advantage Insurance Network. We serve drivers in the Cincinnati, OH area and can be contacted at 513-922-9460. Speak with one of our expert and friendly insurance agents to find the right auto insurance policy for your particular driving situation. At Advantage Insurance Network will answer all your questions, look at different options, and help you compare quotes.