When Can You Claim Your Renter’s Liability Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is meant to protect items in an apartment. If someone gets injured or you lose items in your apartment, your renter’s insurance company will reimburse you. It is, therefore, important to have proof of the things in your apartment just in case you lose them. A video documentation accompanied by a written documentation is advised. At Advantage Insurance Network, we help our clients access the best quotes for their needs. We are located in Cincinnati, OH.

The following are some of the reasons you can claim your renter’s liability insurance;

  • Unfortunately, a quarter of America’s population suffers an apartment or house fire at least once in their lifetime. This means that losing your valuables to a fire is likely. You may also lose your property to theft or vandalism. In such situations, you can make a claim for your renter’s liability insurance. Depending on the limits of your insurance limits, you can claim most or all of your lost property.
  • If individuals get injured in your apartment, the personal liability part of your renter’s liability insurance covers you. Medical payments can be made to guests who sustain a bodily injury while in your apartment. It also covers you for property loss or damage in your apartment.
  • If you incur unforeseen expenses due to a covered claim, the additional living expenses section covers you. If you, for example, have to find alternative shelter after a theft or fire in your house, you will obviously spend more than planned. Addition living expenses cover you in such instances.

Cincinnati, OH has no shortage of insurance agencies. However, Advantage Insurance Network strives to meet the specific needs of all clients. We have a team of informed and professional agents that will help you make the best insurance decisions.