What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

You have survived a long winter in Ohio and are looking forward to putting your new boat in a lake and heading out for some fun in the sun but you may want to consider insuring your boat before using it. The staff at the Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH understand all of the different types of boat insurance coverage you can obtain in Ohio and will help you choose the correct ones for you and your boat so you can simply enjoy being out on the water.

In Ohio, it is not required that you have boat insurance but it is highly recommended since accidents can still happen out on the water just like they do on the highways.

Main Boat Insurance Options

Liability insurance will cover any bodily damage to a person that has been caused by your boat as well as property damage to someone’s boat or a dock.

You can also get a boat insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage which means if damage occurs to your boat from a storm, vandalism, a fire, or it is stolen, you can have your boat replaced or repaired without a large cost to you and your family.

Extra Boat Insurance Options

You can also opt to have insurance in place for your boat that covers other items, including your beloved fishing equipment. This includes if your equipment is damaged or stolen.

You can also receive roadside assistance which means if you are stranded out on a waterway due to your boat breaking down or becoming damaged, you can get a tow or other assistance.

Having good insurance coverage in place for your boat will provide you with more peace of mind and relaxation while you are out on the water in your boat. To choose the best options for you and your boat, contact an experienced Ohio boat insurance agent at the Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH to get your policy started today.