Getting Commercial Insurance for a New Business or a New Location

If you are just starting a new business, one of your main concerns will be getting commercial insurance coverage that provides adequate coverage. Another thing that causes a need for an upgrade to commercial insurance is when a business expands to open a new location. Commercial insurance includes coverage for your workers for on-the-job injuries or death under the State Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. You also need to coverage of your commercial property for damage to business property. Additionally, you need liability insurance for any damages caused to customers or third-parties. 

If your new business or new location is in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas, the agents at Advantage Insurance Network LLC will be happy to discuss the details of the coverage you need to be sure you have adequate commercial insurance protection. If your business has more than one location there may be advantages of insuring all of them with one underwriter.

In order to get a comprehensive quote from your insurance agent, you will need to collect information about your business. This same information is needed for policy renewals and upgrades.

Here is a handy checklist  of the basic things you will need (additional information may be required):

  • Business Owner(s) Information – Name, Percentage of Ownership, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security # or Federal Tax ID #, Telephone, Mobile Phone, and Email Address.
  • Business Information – Business Description, Website, Legal Entity Type (C or S corp., LLC etc.), Year Business Started, Federal Tax ID #, List of Directors and Officers.
  • Employee Information – Number of Employees, Employee Breakdown by Job Description, and Payroll Information by Job Description.
  • Previous Insurance Coverage – Insurance Carriers (Past Three Years) and Copies of Current Policies.

For all of your commercial insurance needs contact an agent at Advantage Insurance Network LLC serving Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping make your business a success.