Summer Boat Maintenance You Can’t Overlook

The warmer the weather gets, the more intense the itch to get out on the Cincinnati, OH waters and start experiencing new summertime adventures. As with any activity on your boat, preparations should begin now to ensure peace of mind and low-risk fun. Staying safe is the first step towards avoiding what might be a potential disaster, killjoy or not.  

This summer, Advantage Insurance Network reminds you of three vital boat maintenance tasks that you simply cannot forget to check.

1. Keep it Clean

Wash your boat often, especially if you keep her in salt or briny water. Not only can salt heavily corrode the body of your boat, but important hardware can grow brittle and become unusable. Add to your boat’s gel coat before hitting the summer waters.

2. Engines at the Ready

Check all fluids, pumps, hoses, and batteries before your inaugural mission on the lake. When out on the water, things can go south (or down) fast. If you feel that you can’t service your boat properly, consider contacting a licensed boat mechanic.

3. Just in Case

Maintenance is more than just checking oil levels. Prepare your loved ones with a plan of action that ensures safety and survival in a crisis situation. Rehearse emergency exits from your boat, and be sure that all health and safety equipment is good to go for the summer and beyond.

Despite the hours you spend maintaining her, no amount of work will keep your boat completely safe from the unexpected. Being prepared with a boat insurance plan from Advantage Insurance Network is the best form of preventative maintenance for you and your unique investment. Don’t leave your boat out in deep water. Call our Cincinnati, OH office today to learn more about what we offer.