Protect Your Disabled Loved One with Life Insurance

Life expectancy rates continue to rise. Currently, someone born in Cincinnati, OH can expect to live to the ripe old age of 76. If you are the primary caregiver for a physically or intellectually disabled loved one, this fact can be cause for great concern. Who will take care of your disabled loved one after you’re gone? Your life insurance policy can help provide financial support for your dependent adult.

Defraying the Financial Burden of Disability

Disabilities are expensive. The cost of equipment, specialized care, and frequent medical services can burden even the most affluent caregiver. Government payments like SSI and other assistance programs are helpful, but often don’t cover the full cost associated with raising a disabled person’s quality of life. It’s up to the caregivers to make up the difference with their personal income.

When a caregiver passes away, the cost of living for the disabled person does not change. Savings and trust accounts can help. However, it’s often difficult for people in these situations to save any meaningful amounts of money. An active life insurance policy will pay directly to your loved one or their designated caregiver. These funds can be used for medical payments, housing, or anything else they may need.

Ensuring Your Loved One’s Future

Caregivers should investigate their options before committing to any insurance policy or extended care plan. In some circumstances, inheritance money can affect their ability to receive certain types of government assistance. In these cases, a trust fund can be set up in your loved one’s name. The insurance would be paid out to the trust. The money could then be accessed by your loved one when needed, without compromising any other necessary payments they receive. The experts at Advantage Insurance Network can help you decide the best strategy for your situation.

Make sure all the special people in your life are taken care of after you’re gone. The representatives at Advantage Insurance Network can help you customize an insurance package that protects all the things you hold dear. Contact our office in the Cincinnati, OH area today.