Popular Commercial Insurance Policy Additions

Whether you work from home or you have a separate office space, protecting your business also protects your livelihood. To do this, you need to invest in commercial insurance. Now, commercial insurance is not a one size fits all kind of situation. There are different policy additions to consider in order to make sure your company has the right protection. At Advantage Insurance Network, we are here to make sure your Cincinnati, OH business is protected in any possible situation. 

Liability Insurance

There are multiple kinds of liability insurance options available for you and your business. This includes both General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. Each provides slightly different forms of coverage, so you need to consider the two in order to select the option best for you. An experienced commercial insurance agent can help with this. Product liability insurance is another form of coverage to consider if you offer products to the general public.

Property Insurance

You don’t need to own your own building in order to need property insurance. This covers lost stock, signage, equipment and other materials your business uses in the event of theft or a storm. 

Vehicle Insurance

Even if you run a home business and use your own vehicle for deliveries or other business practices, you’ll need commercial insurance on the vehicle. Your auto insurance provider likely will not cover the time you are driving your vehicle for work.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, the size of your company or the products you deliver, proper protection is important. At Advantage Insurance Network, we want to do whatever we can to assist with offering advice and assistance in insuring your Cincinnati, OH company. So whether you have questions or are ready to protect your business, we are here to help.