How Can a Home Security System Can Lower Home Insurance Costs?

This blog looks at how installing a home security system can lower home insurance premiums while keeping the home owner safer. Insurance companies like Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH favor ways of mitigating loss, a fancy way of saying preventing it. That leads them to offer discounts to those who take steps to prevent loss at their home.

You probably know that a smoke detector and fire extinguisher lower your home insurance costs. You can also lower your costs by installing a security system. Whether wired or wireless, a monitored home security system can produce a significant discount in home insurance premiums.

Add a home security system can also mean adding home automation. This also contributes to lower premiums. The installed sensors don’t just control the lights or temperature. They detect leaks of water or natural gas. This early detection adds a layer of protection by sending alerts to the homeowner’s mobile device when any home aspect veers from normal settings. This allows the homeowner to identify problems before they become claims. Leak detection sensors let them phone a plumber after remotely shutting down the water at the home.

It also adds to the home’s safety by offering safety aspects like being able to turn on the porch lights before you enter the driveway or having them automatically turn on at a specified time. You can unlock doors remotely, as well, which reduces your family’s vulnerability time.

If you live in a gated community, adding the security system saves you even more. The gate access adds an extra barrier of protection.

Join your neighborhood homeowners’ association (HOA). Its neighborhood watch adds to the security aspect of your home.

Call or come by Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH to learn more home improvements that can save you money. We can help you have a safer and more affordable home.

Can I add an extra driver to my auto insurance?

Auto insurance protects you financially in the event of a car accident. If you have a relative who lives in the same address in Cincinnati, OH, you can add him or her to your auto insurance policy. If you intend to add someone else to your auto insurance or want to buy a car with your roommate, here are some scenarios you should consider.

Adding your roommate to your auto insurance policy

The car insurance should be under your name. However, it is important to discuss with your insurance agent about adding your roommate to your auto insurance policy as an operator because you live in the same address. In a situation where both of you have their own vehicles and you are likely to use each other’s vehicles, you should consult with your insurance agent to confirm whether the Advantage Insurance Network insurance policy coverage extends to other drivers. It is, however, crucial to understanding how it works before committing.

Can I add someone who doesn’t live in the same address?

Typically, people listed in a car insurance policy in Cincinnati, OH must be the registered owners of the car or related to the car owner. Therefore, you can keep your child who is in college in your car insurance policy. It may not be possible to add non-related drivers who don’t live in the same address in your car insurance policy. Your insurance agent will help you on the best way to handle a situation whereby you and a friend own a car together.

Other considerations

According to the Insurance Information Institute, regardless of who is driving a particular vehicle, the primary insurance is the auto insurance policy that covers that vehicle. In other words, the auto insurance policy is supposed to help cover for damages in case a covered vehicle is involved in an accident, even if it was being driven by your friend. Your friend’s auto insurance policy may also be used as a secondary coverage option.

It is important to understand the terms of your auto insurance before you buy a car with a friend or add someone else to your insurance policy. Talk to one of our Advantage Insurance Network agent to be sure that you, your friend, and the car are covered fully to avoid unnecessary expenses in the event of an accident.


Does Fire Insurance Protect Me?

Owning a home is a dream for many people. One of the most devastating things that could happen to a home would be if it is damaged by a fire. While most people have home insurance, many should also consider getting a fire insurance policy on top of the home insurance policy. For those that are in the Cincinnati, OH area, there are several advantages of investing in a larger fire insurance policy.

Ensures Full Coverage for Fire

One of the main reasons to get fire insurance in addition to your home insurance policy is that it will ensure that you get full coverage for fire damage on your policy. If you live in an area that is prone to fires or has a higher risk of fire hazards, you may not be covered for certain fires that could affect your home. However, if you invest in a fire insurance policy, this could end up being covered in included in your full policy.

Miscellaneous Costs

Another advantage of getting a fire insurance policy is that it can provide you with miscellaneous coverage as well. If your home is damaged by a fire, there are a number of other costs that you can incur. The costs of finding replacement housing and moving expenses can add up quickly. When you get a fire insurance policy in place, these costs could be included in your policy. 

If you own a home in the Cincinnati, OH area and are curious about whether or not you should get fire insurance, contacting the Advantage Insurance Network would be a great option. When you meet with the Advantage Insurance Network you will receive more insight into your fire insurance needs and will be able to get into a policy that properly protects you and your home. 

Do Helmet Laws Influence Motorcycle Insurance?

Riding a motorcycle in Cincinnati, OH is a fun experience but can be costly because of Ohio’s lack of mandatory helmet use. These types of laws have been found to increase and decrease your insurance in a variety of ways, which is why we at Advantage Insurance Network wanted to examine them right now.

Studies Show That Helmets Decrease Medical Costs

The Centers for Disease Control or CDC did a study that took a look at multiple motorcycle accidents with and without helmets. They found that people who wore a helmet suffered fewer injuries and, therefore, paid less medical bills. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agreed and stated that riders wearing helmets would naturally have higher healthcare costs.

As A Result, Premiums Go Down

Motorcycle insurance companies took those recommendations to heart and started decreasing premiums in states where motorcycle helmets were mandatory. Conversely, they increased them in states where helmets were not required. These steps are designed to protect themselves while offering benefits to those who do wear helmets. Unfortunately, states have repealed these laws in the past and left their motorcycle riders with higher premiums.

Repealed Laws Can Increase Premiums

Michigan motorcycle riders were overjoyed when their state repealed their mandatory helmet laws and then angry when their premiums went up. They blamed the insurance companies, but the truth is, increasing these premiums is mandatory because it protects them from serious loss. Likewise, a decrease is also mandatory when helmet laws are signed into effect. You can’t have it both ways, it seems.

Learning More About Your Motorcycle Insurance

So if you live in Cincinnati, OH and want the lowest possible motorcycle insurance premiums, please contact us at Advantage Insurance Network today. We will work hard to decrease your motorcycle insurance premiums as much as possible and help you stay fully covered.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Damage As A Result Of Storms?

When it comes to protecting your investment, boat insurance is a necessary tool. Some boats can cost as much as a home, which is why coverage will give you peace of mind in case of an unforeseen event. When it comes to storms, however, coverage isn’t cut and dry. Make sure you know exactly what circumstances afford your insurance coverage. Not all policies will cover you during a storm or a hurricane. 

Know Your Policy

You make have to do some research before you find the type of boat coverage you need. Not all policies cover the same events, which is why you need to work with an insurance provider who will explain exactly what each product covers. Some may offer protection from storms and storm-related damage but don’t assume that every policy will cover those occurrences. Education is the key to being protected and avoiding a loss as a result of gaps in coverage. 

Working With A Great Provider

Finding an insurance provider who values their customers is the first step towards getting the protection you need. A reputable company such as Advantage Insurance Network will help you discover boat insurance products that will protect you and give you peace of mind. The serve the residents in and around the Cincinnati, OH area and would love to assist you with your boat insurance coverage need.

If you are a resident in or around Cincinnati, OH and would like more information about boat insurance coverage options, call or stop by Advantage Insurance Network. They have knowledgeable insurance agents who can answer your questions and get you started on your way to finding boat insurance coverage. 

When Can You Claim Your Commercial Insurance?

Running a business is a risky venture, and anything can happen at any time. The trickiest part of running an enterprise is that a single mistake can bring down your lifetime investment. That is why every business owner in Cincinnati OH should have a commercial insurance policy from Advantage Insurance Network to protect his/her business from suffering significant financial losses when the unexpected happens.

A commercial insurance policy offers property and liability coverage that will ensure your company can still run even when the worst happens. However, the big question among business owners is; when can I file a claim on my commercial insurance policy? Basically, you should file a claim when something goes wrong and causes a significant impact on the normal operation of your business. You should file a claim when:

A Lawsuit Is Filed Against Your Business

Today, lawsuits are common, and a client can file a lawsuit against your business any time. We all understand the fact that court cases can be expensive and the results of court cases may not always favor your business. Your business liability coverage is there to make sure that your company can go through the expensive lawsuits without hurting business processes. Therefore, if a client feels aggrieved or dissatisfied with your products or services and files a lawsuit demanding compensation, you should file a claim so that you get the right legal representation in court.

Your Business Property Is Damaged By a Covered Event

Disasters can strike any time, and the aftermath of it can be devastating. Imagine a huge fire destroying your entire business premises. Your property protection coverage is designed to reimburse you when you go through such scenarios since it covers your business premises and everything inside it. File a claim so that your commercial insurance provider in Cincinnati, OH can help you restart your business and take it to the level where it was before the disaster struck.

Are you a business owner in Cincinnati, OH? Contact Advantage Insurance Network and let us help you protect your business.

When Can You Claim Your Renter’s Liability Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is meant to protect items in an apartment. If someone gets injured or you lose items in your apartment, your renter’s insurance company will reimburse you. It is, therefore, important to have proof of the things in your apartment just in case you lose them. A video documentation accompanied by a written documentation is advised. At Advantage Insurance Network, we help our clients access the best quotes for their needs. We are located in Cincinnati, OH.

The following are some of the reasons you can claim your renter’s liability insurance;

  • Unfortunately, a quarter of America’s population suffers an apartment or house fire at least once in their lifetime. This means that losing your valuables to a fire is likely. You may also lose your property to theft or vandalism. In such situations, you can make a claim for your renter’s liability insurance. Depending on the limits of your insurance limits, you can claim most or all of your lost property.
  • If individuals get injured in your apartment, the personal liability part of your renter’s liability insurance covers you. Medical payments can be made to guests who sustain a bodily injury while in your apartment. It also covers you for property loss or damage in your apartment.
  • If you incur unforeseen expenses due to a covered claim, the additional living expenses section covers you. If you, for example, have to find alternative shelter after a theft or fire in your house, you will obviously spend more than planned. Addition living expenses cover you in such instances.

Cincinnati, OH has no shortage of insurance agencies. However, Advantage Insurance Network strives to meet the specific needs of all clients. We have a team of informed and professional agents that will help you make the best insurance decisions. 

3 Benefits of Condo Insurance

While many people believe you only need to purchase a policy if you are purchasing an actual home, purchasing condo insurance is actually recommended for condo owners as well. For condo renters and owners alike, the following is an overview of 3 benefits of condo insurance.

Avoid Under-Insurance

While many condo owners and renters choose to settle for the master insurance policy held by the Condo Association, be advised that just because you are paying a fee for it doesn’t mean you are sufficiently insured. Quite the contrary, the average person who settles for the general insurance package finds themselves to be under-insured when the time comes for them to rely on their benefits. 

Theft and Water Damage

Speaking of which, theft and water damage are one of the most commonly occurring issues among renters and owners of all kinds. If you refuse to purchase your own policy for your condo, you will likely be on your own in the event that you experience a burglary or your home is flooded. 

Loss of Use

Finally, loss of use seems to be one of the least considered elements of renting or owning a condo. In other words, there are many reasons why you may be forced from your condo for a prolonged period of time. The master policy will likely not provide you with any compensation in order to secure housing. By purchasing your own policy, you will have the financial support when you need it most. 

Do you live in Cincinnati, OH and need a condo insurance policy? You’re in luck. Advantage Insurance Network offers condo insurance as well as a variety of other types. Simply call, stop in the Advantage Insurance Network office, or email today to find out how you can start your policy today and protect your most prized possessions. 

Should I Get Whole or Term Life Insurance?

Having life insurance in place is very important.  For those that are in the Cincinnati, OH area, one of the first things to do when choosing a new life insurance policy is choosing between whole and term life insurance.  It is very important to understand the differences between these policy types to ensure you make the right choice for your situation.  

Length of Coverage

One of the biggest differences between whole and term life insurance is the amount of time that it will provide you with coverage for.  Whole life insurance is a type of insurance that will provide you with coverage for your entire life.  During this time period, a small portion of your life insurance premiums will accrue and will turn into a cash value that can be liquidated at any time.  Term life insurance, on the other hand, will only provide you with coverage for a certain amount of time and will have no cash value.  

Cost of Coverage

The other major difference between whole and term life insurance is the cost of the coverage.  In general, the cost of term life insurance is much lower than it would be for a whole life insurance policy.  The cost of term life insurance will vary based on your age, current health status, and the length of the term of the policy that you want.  

Since picking the right life insurance policy is such an important decision, those that are in the Cincinnati, OH area should meet with the Advantage Insurance Network to discuss their life insurance needs.  The Advantage Insurance Network is an insurance agent that can help to explain all of your insurance options and help you get into a policy that provides you with the right amount of coverage.   

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Moving into a new home in the Cincinnati, OH area can be a very exciting experience. If you are renting your home, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying new furniture and personal belongings. However, you also need to carefully consider other important factors as well. One important factor to consider is your renter’s insurance policy, which is likely a requirement under the lease agreement.  There are several types of coverage that you will receive in a renters insurance policy.

Liability Protection

The most important types of coverage in your renter’s insurance policy is liability protection. Whenever you have somebody come over to your property, you are taking on a certain amount of liability for that person. If they happen to be injured while in your rental unit, you could be found liable. A liability insurance policy in your renter’s insurance will provide you with coverage for these situations.  

Personal Property

Another important part of any renters insurance policy is the personal property component of your policy.  When you have an apartment, you will likely have a lot of personal assets stored in the home at all times.  This can include electronics, furniture, clothing, and other expensive items.  If your home is damaged, vandalized, or robbed, you will be able to receive insurance coverage for your personal belongings up to the amount of your total coverage.  

If you rent an apartment or another home in the Cincinnati, OH area, you should contact the Advantage Insurance Network.  The Advantage Insurance Network will be able to explain all of the benefits of having a quality renters insurance policy in place.  They will also be able to provide you with insight into what your needs are and make sure you get the right policy for your situation.