Motorcycle insurance FAQs

Here are some of the top questions people have asked about motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance FAQs

What motorcycles cost the most to insure?

A sports bike is the type of motorcycle that costs the most to insure. Like with other types of insurance, your motorcycle insurance costs depend on many factors. The kind of motorcycle that you own is one of those deciding factors. 

Why is motorcycle insurance so low?

Motorcycle insurance is cheaper because it costs less for the insurance company to cover motorcycles. Since motorcycles are significantly smaller than a car, they cause less damage and are easier and cheaper to repair.

Does motorcycle insurance cover dropping the bike?

It depends on what type of coverage you have for your policy. If you only have liability coverage, your dropped motorcycle will not be covered. It is a good idea to check the extent of the damage to decide if it is even worth filing a claim. If the damage is extensive and you file a claim, it will be filed under comprehensive and collision coverage.

Is it worth it to insure a motorcycle?

Yes, it is worth it to insure your motorcycle. Most states require you to have liability coverage. You could get a fine and lose your license if you don’t have the minimum requirements. If you use your motorcycle a lot, it is also beneficial to have comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage. Without these, you would have to pay for everything out of your pocket, which could get expensive.

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