How to Insure a Hybrid Vehicle

Saving money while helping the environment when a person buys and drives a hybrid vehicle is a “win win” combination. Alternative fuel systems for vehicles are expanding. Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) has worked closely with Cincinnati officials to fund the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles for the city. Hybrid vehicles are still relatively new to the market place but are gaining popularity based on the cost savings. The Advantage Insurance Network helps Cincinnati, Ohio residents find automobile insurance for all types of vehicles, including hybrids.

Generally speaking, a hybrid vehicle costs more to buy than a typical vehicle in the same model and year. The technology used for the battery powered systems is more complex than the classic gasoline engine. The newer “plug in” battery models may have federal tax incentives to help offset the additional price.

Some insurance companies charge more to insure a hybrid vehicle. One of the reasons is that the cost to repair the battery system, if damaged, is more expensive and requires more specialized service. Another reason is that some insurance companies think hybrids attract drivers who commute daily to work and, therefore, are on the road more often than other drivers.

There are a few insurance companies that will give a discount to those with hybrid vehicles. And, once the savings in gasoline expenses are factored in, hybrids can save money.

Ohio law requires that everyone have at least the state minimum auto insurance coverage. Finding the insurance company that gives a discount versus the insurance company that charges more is time consuming when clicking on different websites or calling around. Save time by using the Advantage Insurance Network. They will provide quotes from all the insurance companies in one location and suggest additional coverage to provide even more protection when an accident happens.