How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Insurance

Ohio is a great state to be a motorcyclist since there are lots of open roads and sceneries that you can discover. However, to enjoy your motorcycle adventures properly, you need motorcycle insurance. At Advantage Insurance Network, we assist motorcyclists in Cincinnati, OH, and beyond figure out their motorcycle insurance matters. Here is a professional guide to choosing the right motorcycle insurance. 

1. Don’t Just Settle for a Basic Insurance policy With low premiums

When it comes to insurance, it’s usually tempting to try and save money by picking a basic policy with low premiums. A basic policy will likely not provide you with sufficient protection to ride with peace of mind as a motorcycle rider. You should consider a motorcycle insurance policy that extensively covers you and your bike if you want sufficient protection. 

2. Confirm Whether the Motorcycle Insurance Policy Has Winter Storage Coverage

Your motorbike likely sits in storage during the winter months. Therefore, it’s critical that you pick a motorcycle insurance policy that has winter storage coverage, also known as layup coverage. This coverage enables you to pause liability and other coverages that are only important when driving until winter is over. Thus, you will be able to pay lower premiums when your bike is in storage during the winter months. 

3. Check the Premium Discount Criterion

Some insurers offer premium discounts for motorcyclists who take a motorcycle safety course, install anti-theft devices, and maintain an outstanding driving record. Check and confirm that the insurer you are considering has a similar premium discount criterion, as it will reduce the cost of the policy. 

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