How much liability coverage do I need in restaurant & bar insurance?

How much liability coverage do I need in restaurant & bar insurance?

Bars and restaurants in Cincinnati, OH are always bustling with workers and clients. It’s almost impossible to prevent, anticipate, or prepare for all possible things that could go wrong. However, you will be glad when your insurance company comes in and say, “We got this.” That’s why Advantage Insurance Network recommends having enough liability to protect your business from nasty lawsuits and claims. Here is a breakdown of how liability can help.

General liability

Any business that involves customers walking in is at high risk of lawsuits and claims that could result from bodily injury, accidental falls, and property damage. General liability insurance can help you avoid these costs. This coverage also shields you from expenses and deadly lawsuits that could result from the landlord if there was property damage resulting from a fire.

Liquor liability

If you sold liquor to someone and the intoxication led to bodily harm or damage to other people’s property, general liability insurance may not help cover the costs. For that reason, you might want to buy liquor liability in case of such a scenario. People are prone to destruction when they’re intoxicated, something that you may not always control. The good part is you can protect yourself.

Employment practices liability

If employees are not treated well, they might sue your bar or restaurant for harassment and discrimination at their workplace. Such lawsuits are not covered under the general liability, but you can protect your business and buy employment practices liability.

Umbrella insurance policy

If you feel you need more liability coverage in your business in Cincinnati, OH, umbrella or extra liability insurance can be a great addition. It provides excess limits over those you already have on general and commercial auto policies.

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