Dwelling Fire Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Dwelling fire insurance provides different coverage than traditional homeowner’s insurance. While they may sound similar, each is designed to cover different buildings under a set of varied circumstances. Our agents at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH, offer a short, comprehensive explanation.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance protects your primary residence and is designed to cover damage to your home and property should a disaster or unexpected event occur. These policies include fire damage coverage for any damage to a primary residence and its possessions. No one plans to have a fire, but getting this policy can be the difference between homelessness and shelter.

Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance doesn’t cover a primary residence. However, it covers homes you own but don’t reside in for the majority of the year. These are typically vacation homes, rental properties, and getaway destinations like cabins or cottages. Dwelling coverage policies cover expenses resulting from fire damage, including repairs or rebuilding if necessary. Also covered are attached structures like garages, porches, and decks.

When to Use Dwelling Fire Insurance

Several situations could be handled by dwelling situations that result from fires. These incidents are the most expensive to repair and can result in total destruction, which this invaluable coverage can alleviate. These insurance policies can be customized to suit your housing situation. Most clients’ properties fall under the categories including:

  • Owner Occupied
  • Secondary Residences
  • Investment Properties
  • Vacant Homes

Get Protection From Property Fires Today

Fires can ignite at any time and be attributed to several sources. However, they are typically very destructive, so get the coverage you need to protect your investment through Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH, for greater peace of mind.