Does Restaurant And Bar Insurance Cover Lost Liquor Inventory?

There are a variety of risks associated with owning a restaurant or bar. That’s why there is specialty restaurant and bar insurance available. It specifically provides protection these businesses need to protect against risk and liability. There are a few points of interest that those who are shopping for this type of coverage may be unclear about. This is why working with an insurance agent can prove extremely beneficial.

Does Restaurant and Bar Insurance Cover Liquor Inventory?

When it comes to inventory for a restaurant or bar, the insurance policy will usually cover both perishable and non-perishable items, including liquor inventory. When owners are searching for a compatible insurance policy, they should have documentation of inventory and all of the equipment and furnishings in the establishment. To get the best policy, enlist the help of a licensed insurance agent who can help outline needs and offer options that work for each individual situation. 

Comparing Policies

Not all insurance policies are the same, which is why owners need the insight and experience of a skilled insurance agent. They can work one on one with the client to explain each policy’s fine print and point out any gaps in coverage that could create losses should there be a covered event. Those who are currently in the market for restaurant and bar insurance should consult with Advantage Insurance Network, serving Cincinnati, OH. They are ready to assist with any questions and help compare policies to help provide the most comprehensive coverage available. 

Shopping for restaurant and bar insurance in Cincinnati, OH doesn’t have to be confusing. Get the information necessary to make the right policy choice by calling or stopping by Advantage Insurance Network today for more details.