Do children need to have life insurance?

Every parent is familiar with the deluge of mail that arrives after their child is born.  a new baby brings joy, but it also tends to bring a lot of offers for everything from formula to diapers.  Buried in all those advertisements, however, are usually several offers for life insurance. 

Typically, life insurance is recommended to people who have loved ones who are dependent on their income.  In many cases, this means new parents should strongly consider purchasing a life insurance policy. 

Children, however, rarely have anyone who is dependent on their income.  In fact, hardly any of them even have an income.  On the surface, that would seem to indicate that buying life insurance for a baby would be a bad idea.

There are some cases, however, in which purchasing life insurance for a child might make sense.  In many cases, the death of a child might mean a lot of missed time from work and significant funeral expenses.  Because of this, many families with a low amount of savings decide to purchase a small policy that would cover these expenses.

In other cases, children born or diagnosed with a serious condition may need to have life insurance policy purchased for them while they are young so that they can qualify for life insurance after they become an adult.  Because it’s easier to renew a policy than to start a new one, this is a good strategy for families that know about a lifelong medical condition.

If you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy, call the agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency.  They have years of experience helping people throughout Boise, ID.