What Can You Do To Protect Your Condo?

 Condos are a great convenient living option for many people. Keeping your condo safe and secure begins with a great renter insurance plan or condo insurance plan. In addition to that, here a few other steps you can take to make sure your condo is a safe haven.

Install and Check Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the first line of defense in protecting your condo from unnecessary fire risks. Smoke detectors are only as effective as their maintenance, however. Installing smoke detectors properly is only the first step. Smoke detectors should be checked regularly to ensure that batteries are operating properly.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide has been called the silent killer because those who fall victim to these toxic fumes rarely realize that they are even in danger. Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that can build up in a room or home. Once this fume reaches dangerous levels it can become lethal for those inside. A carbon monoxide detector can alert homeowners to levels of carbon monoxide inside the home.

Install Security System

If your condo did not come with a security system, then making the effort to install and activate one is a great way to keeping your home safe. Security systems add an extra layer of protection to your home and alert rescue workers if there is an emergency.

Good Lighting

Good exterior lighting is essential to keeping a safe environment in your condo. Interior lighting is also necessary to avoid accidents at night within your condo. Keep light bulbs checked regularly in your interior and exterior fixtures.

Be Neighborly

Getting to know your neighbors is also a great way to make sure that your condo is a safe place while you’re home and while you’re away. Neighbors are a great support system to help you keep your place and the entire complex a safer place.

For more information on how to insure your condo contact an agent today at Advantage Insurance Network serving the Cincinnati, OH area. 

Do You Need A Specialty Insurer for Your Motorcycle?

There are some advantages that come with buying coverage from a specialty provider. It may or may not be necessary to buy from a specialty insurance company, depending on a number of factors. Many bike owners are more than happy covering their motorcycle with the same provider that insures their car. Others may prefer a seller that exclusively sells motorcycle insurance. Here are some factors to consider:

Some General Providers Charge More For Motorcycle Insurance

The risks that come with owning a bike may lead to higher rates with many insurance providers. Specialty providers often boast lower rates in order to attract business. This doesn’t mean that a more general provider like Advantage Insurance Network will wind up costing you more, or that any given specialty provider will cost you less, only that this is sometimes the case.

A Motorcycle Specialty Insurer Will Only Cover Your Motorcycle

Obviously, you aren’t going to get your motorcycle covered under an umbrella policy with your home and your car if you’re going with a specialty provider. This means that, even if it technically costs less to insure your bike, it could wind up costing you more overall in the discounts you could be missing out on.

Comparing Quotes Is Your Best Bet

Because there are so many variables in what will determine your rates and the kind of coverage you can get, a specialty provider might not always be your best bet, no matter how highly recommended they may be. The discounts and products available from a general insurance provider might wind up adding up to a much better deal than you’ll get from a specialty provider.

In short, keep specialty insurance providers in mind during your search, but don’t write general providers off.


5 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance in Cincinnati, Ohio

Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH is an independent agency that prides itself on helping its customers get the auto insurance coverage they need at the price they deserve. Below are the top five ways you can look at today to help save money on your car insurance.

  1. Multi-policy – Bundling your auto insurance with a homeowners or renters insurance policy can save up to 20% on your premium on both policies. Having both policies with the same insurance company can also help prevent dangerous gaps in coverage.
  2. Shop in advance – Many companies offer “Advance Purchase” or “Advance Quote” discounts for new customers. Thinking about and shopping your insurance around in advance of your renewal date shows a responsibility level companies like to reward. Companies can offer discounts anywhere from 3 days to 21 days in advance of your policy start date. This discount can be up to 10%.
  3.  Consider Installing a Monitoring Device – Many companies are now offering a discount for installing a monitoring device in your car. Most track mileage, time of driving and hard braking. Think you’re a good driver? This is the easiest way to get the discount you think you deserve.   This discount can be up to 30%.
  4. Ask if your company offers an e-policy or paperless discount – If you are reading this blog, chances are you have an email address you check regularly. Many companies now offer discounts for customers choosing to receive policy documents via email instead of through the USPS. Typically this discount is 5%.
  5. Buy your policy from an Independent Agent who can shop your insurance for you – Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone, repeating the same information over and over to get quotes from different companies. Advantage Insurance Network represents over a dozen companies. Just call us or visit our website (www.myadvantageinsurance.com) and give your information one time. That’s all it takes to get multiple quotes from top rated companies.

If you think you could benefit from any of these discounts, give Advantage Insurance Network a call. We can help you review your auto insurance policy to make sure you are not leaving any potential discounts on the table.

5 Reasons You Should Buy from an Independent Insurance Agent in Cincinnati, Ohio

Today, there are many choices when buying insurance. You can buy direct from companies like Progressive or GEICO. You can buy from captive agents like State Farm, Allstate, or Nationwide. But buying from an independent insurance agent, like Advantage Insurance Network, offers many distinct advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Choice – Unlike direct or captive companies, independent insurance agencies sell for multiple insurance companies. When you call State Farm, you will only get one insurance quote. When you call an independent agent, they will shop your insurance with multiple companies and find you the best combination of price and coverage. Independent agents work for you and are not obligated to present policies from one insurance company. Discounts vary from company to company, so having an independent agent will ensure that you get all the discounts you deserve.
  2. Channel – Many companies have offer products through more than one channel. For instance with Progressive, you can either buy direct or through an independent agent. While buying direct may seem appealing, why not let an independent agent shop your insurance through Progressive and many other companies at the same time? Agencies like Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, Ohio offer instant quotes directly on their website much like many of the direct writers. Another example is Allstate. Allstate now offers their products through captive agents and independent agents. Is there any benefit to calling an Allstate captive agent versus an independent agent representing Allstate?
  3. One Stop Shopping – Many independent agencies offer a full line of insurance products. While Progressive can write your auto, home and toys, they do not offer life and health products. So while Progressive may have the best rates on your auto insurance, they may not on your home and they don’t even write life. An independent agent could be your agent on all of your insurance needs even if they are with multiple companies. This can help reduce the risk of gaps in your coverage among different companies.
  4.  Personalized Customer Service – Independent agents can help you with your policies and offer you advice. Independent agents can help you with anything from billing questions to help filing a claim. A good independent agency will review your policy on a regular basis. And as your situation and life changes, they will be sure that your current company still represents your interests best. This eliminates the need for you to do this yourself.
  5. Local Knowledge – Independent insurance agencies are local businesses in your community.   They live and work near you and understand the community. When you call a large company like Progressive or GEICO, you will be just another number. When you call a local agent like Advantage Insurance Network, they want to get to know you and understand where you live.

Insurance is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Working with an independent insurance agency, offers many advantages that can’t be achieved direct or through captive agents. Let the professionals at Advantage Insurance Network, handle all your insurance needs. To experience the difference, visit www.myadvantageinsurance.com.

4 Things To Ask Agents About When Getting Quotes In Cincinnati

Many people flock to Cincinnati, Ohio because of the many opportunities for homes as well as small businesses.  When you want to purchase automobile insurance for you and your family, there are some things you need to ask agents when you get quotes.

1. What coverage do I need?

You must meet minimum standards in the state of Ohio, though there are other options that you need to consider as well. You want to look at increasing the liability standards and obtaining comprehensive and collision insurance, too.

2. Is the company reputable?

The insurance company you go with needs to be reputable. They should be known in the state and have a good track record of paying claims in a timely manner. This ensures you never have to wait too long for repairs to be made.

3. What’s the best price?

Ensure you get quotes to get the best price. Comparison shopping is a must so you know what the various premium prices are from the many companies.

4. Am I getting all discounts?

Discounts can be obtained for being a homeowner, a good student, for commuting less than 10 miles, and for being a member of different organizations.

Once you have talked with an agent about automobile insurance in Cincinnati, you can be confident that you are getting the most affordable and most comprehensive policy for your money. As you drive, it’s easy to have peace of mind.

Our agency will help you to get quotes. Call today and let one of our agents guide you through the simple process of buying good automobile insurance.

Can I Save Money with Progressive Snapshot? How does a Tracking Device Save Money on my Car Insurance?

All drivers are not the same. So why should you be lumped in with everyone in your age group? Or zip code? At Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH we strive towards an individual experience. Insurance companies have realized that driving habits can vary greatly from person to person, household to household, and have come up with ways to reward good driving behavior. Here are a few examples from the companies we represent:


Progressive – Snapshot

Progressive’s Snapshot device measures mileage, the time of day you drive and hard braking. It is NOT a GPS device.   When you are enrolled in the Snapshot program, you can follow your driving behavior online and track your discount.

The average customer savings with Progressive’s Snapshot device program is $150 per year.

Your rate will not increase with Snapshot. A discount of up to 30% is applied at a vehicle level and will stay on your policy as long as your vehicle stays on the policy. An initial discount is applied after your first 30 days with Snapshot and after one policy term, your final discount is applied.


Travelers – Intellidrive

Travelers Intellidrive program gives you a discount based solely on the number of miles you drive. If you drive less than 13,000 miles a year you can get up to a 30% discount.

A 10% discount is added to your first policy term just for adding Intellidrive to your Travelers auto policy.

Teen driving with Travelers Intellidrive – Travelers Intellidrive allows parents to set up guidelines for how and where a car is driven. Parents can then set text or email alerts to know when the car is being driven outside these limits. Want a text message when your teen drives over 55mph? Sign up for Travelers Intellidrive. Want an email when your teen drives outside of the 30 mile perimeter you have set up? Sign up for Travelers Intellidrive. Parents can be reassured of good driving behavior even when they are not in the car.

When you log onto your online account you can track how and where the car is driven to better understand and improve your driving habits.


Allstate – Drivewise

Allstate’s Drivewise device measures mileage, your driving time of day, hard braking, and speeds over 80 miles per hour.

Allstate savings start as soon as you install the Drivewise device in your car. You can earn additional savings every six months with each Allstate policy renewal. Allstate Drivewise discounts are applied per vehicle.

Allstate Drivewise data can be accessed through your smartphone.

In order to maximize your discount with Allstate’s Drivewise program, you should average driving 25-30 miles or less per day, avoid driving over 80mph, avoid late night driving and maintain a safe driving distance between your car and the car in front of you to avoid hard braking.


Metlife – My Journey

Metlife’s My Journey device measures mileage, the time of day your car is driven, braking, speed, acceleration and cornering.

Metlife’s My Journey device is kept in your vehicle for 24 months. You can earn a discount of up to 30%. This discount is kept on your policy for as long as the car stays on the policy.

You can create an account on Metlife’s website to monitor your My Journey device that will allow you to track driving behavior and modify any potential bad driving habits that would go against your final discount with them.


If you think you could benefit from any of these discounts or are interested in learning about other potential discounts you could benefit from, contact us at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH. Or you can visit our website at any time at www.myadvantageinsurance.com.


What is the Average Cost of a Motorcycle Insurance Policy in Delhi, OH?

Anyone who has a motorcycle in the area of Delhi, OH will need to maintain the proper kind of insurance coverage to make sure that they are protected from accidents and damage of all kinds. The average cost of a motorcycle insurance policy varies greatly because the coverage that each individual may choose is different.

Generally speaking, there are a few types of coverage that nearly every motorcycle owner will decide to include in their insurance policy. If you include the following three types of coverage in your insurance policy and choose a deductible that you know you can afford, you will usually be able to get the best average rates for a motorcycle policy.

Liability: This is the insurance meant to cover other people. If you’re the one who caused the damage in an accident, the liability coverage will pay for the damages to any others (but not to your own motorcycle.)

Collision: This type of insurance will pay for repairs to your motorcycle whether you caused the damage or not. The only caveat is that the damage must have been caused by, as the name implies, some kind of collision.

Comprehensive: This coverage pays for motorcycle repairs or damages that don’t fit into the collision category. For example, if your motorcycle was stolen, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the repairs. This coverage can also include other things like vandalism, damage from animals, and weather related damages.

To get the average cost for the type of motorcycle policy you want, it is important that you do some comparison shopping. The Advantage Ins Network can provide you with several different policy choices from leading insurance providers – we give you the tools to choose the rate and policy you want!

What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Norwood, OH

Flood insurance in Norwood, OH is a type of coverage that may often be misunderstood. Sometimes, people think of floods only in terms of those that might happen within the home – for example, what might occur when someone accidentally leaves the bathtub water tap on and the house is under several inches of water hours later. In fact, that is usually not the type of flood that flood coverage is really designed to cover. The majority of flood coverage is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and then administered through your own insurance agent.

The flood coverage in policies today is generally divided into two areas. First, the actual house itself. This part of the flood coverage will pay for damage to nearly any part of the home from the basement up to the roof. This coverage is designed to pay for damage to the physical structure of the home, and is not going to cover anything within the home unless it is part of the physical structure.

The other part of most flood policies today is that which does cover the personal property within the home. This will include nearly any of your possessions, including clothes and furniture, and usually virtually anything else. However, items like precious metals (gold bullion for example,) stock certificates, and large amounts of cash aren’t usually included.

Your flood coverage is meant to be as complete as possible. If your home was damaged by the type of flood that was an act of nature, one which was entirely beyond your control, this is the type of situation when your flood insurance will step in to pay for your damages and help you rebuild your home to its pre-flooding state.

This can include rebuilding from the ground up, or it can include rebuilding only the necessary areas, for example doing debris removal and reconstructing walls damaged due to rot. This type of insurance can be a complicated matter to understand, so it’s very important to have an agent that really knows what they’re doing. Our independent agents at Advantage Ins Network can help you get exactly the flood coverage you need to make sure you’re protected to the fullest extent!

About Advantage Ins Network in Cincinnati, OH

Every insurance agency requires top-rated services, self-selected missions and premium insurance policies to maintain a surrounding community. We intend to deliver the best-possible features of Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH, and we intend to offer individuals low costs with fantastic benefits.

High Dedication, and Incomparable Services

Where old-fashioned services are considered, a viable insurance agency assists its customers through time-tested and true practices. Visitors are important, and each Advantage Insurance Network services has been adequately streamlined to offer the following amenities:

  • High responsiveness
  • Experienced staff
  • Individually tailored insurance programs
  • Practical, accurate information about policies

On an Agent Level, and Into Custom Involvement

Each agent is selected to offer specified services, and every individual’s interests are maintained through complete transparency. Clients are always notified about policy changes, claim reports and billing information, so representatives and clients are on the same page, always

Where independence is considered, Advantage Insurance Networks provides quick rate checkups, coverage options and direct options. Better rates are always viable, and each option grants individuals complete flexibility when selecting their packages.

A One-Stop Shop for Insurance Needs

Many forms of Ohio insurance are provided, and each is delivered beneath one roof, with a unified staff, and to a surrounding beneficiary community. The following lines of insurance are offered, all to your benefit:

  • Auto insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Annuities insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance

No Hidden Surprises

Again, licensed agents are always on-hand, and we’re always ready to assist your every need when surveying options. Ohio is well-regulated by overarching, state-by-state, laws, and each coverage option may appear unilateral at first glance. However, several mechanics may work differently on different levels, and individuals are always urged to contact us for more information. Insurance is always available, and many options, when researched, yield wonderful amenities.