Drivers Should Put the Brakes on Reporting Car Accidents on Social Media

Throughout the last few years, increasing numbers of auto insurance companies claims adjusters, and attorneys have been probing consumers’ social media accounts when they file claims, looking for evidence to prove that they were made under false pretenses.  Facebook is probably mined the most, but claims-investigators also examine Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most insurance companies have special investigation units (SIUs) that look at social media if they have any reason to suspect fraud.  

Large numbers of claims have been denied because social media posts and photos called their validity into question, especially in cases of bodily injury.  If policyholders report, for example, that an auto accident caused a back injury, and then share photos in which they’re playing sports, the claim will probably be considered fraudulent.  

Drivers in Cincinnati, OH need to be sure that their posts are consistent with the information they provide when filing a claim.  Motorists are likely to call unwanted attention to their claim if they report driving against a doctor’s order or under the influence of medication.  If they claim a physical limitation because of their injury and then share posts in which said limitation seems non-existent, they will raise red flags. 

There are a few things Cincinnati, OH drivers can do to protect themselves from social media scrutiny.

Investigating claims via social media is legal if the claimant’s settings are "public."  Users should restrict their settings so that only friends can see them.  However, this does not guarantee complete privacy.  Drivers are best-advised not to post about their auto accidents on social media at all.  If that’s already happened, they may be able to dispute the decision if their claim is denied.

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How To Choose The Right Coverage On Your Auto Insurance Policy

It’s not always easy to find the right coverage on your auto insurance policy in Cincinnati, OH. By following a few tips, you can have a more comprehensive policy so that you are covered against more scenarios.

View Your Policy

One of the first things you want to do is view your auto insurance policy. Look at what kind of coverage you have and where the “holes” exists. For example, you may have what is required of you by the same Ohio, when you don’t have the various add-ons that are available.

You can always choose to update your policy with more coverage. You can also decide to switch to another company at any point in time.

Read the Fine Print

The fine print is where you can find various details about your policy and terms of what is and is not covered. Independent insurance agents at Advantage Insurance Network can help you with the fine print by talking to you more about what is commonly left off of policies and how you can build a more comprehensive policy for yourself moving forward.

Talk to an Agent

In the end, you want to have the right coverage in Cincinnati, OH so that you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for car accidents, damage to your car, or anything else. While you will always have to pay the deductible, you don’t want to go above and beyond the coverage to the point that insurance will only cover a portion of the total expenses.

An independent insurance agent will be able to guide you through the entire process, helping you to select coverage based on what you drive, where you live, and your past accidents.

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How to Insure a Hybrid Vehicle

Saving money while helping the environment when a person buys and drives a hybrid vehicle is a “win win” combination. Alternative fuel systems for vehicles are expanding. Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) has worked closely with Cincinnati officials to fund the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles for the city. Hybrid vehicles are still relatively new to the market place but are gaining popularity based on the cost savings. The Advantage Insurance Network helps Cincinnati, Ohio residents find automobile insurance for all types of vehicles, including hybrids.

Generally speaking, a hybrid vehicle costs more to buy than a typical vehicle in the same model and year. The technology used for the battery powered systems is more complex than the classic gasoline engine. The newer “plug in” battery models may have federal tax incentives to help offset the additional price.

Some insurance companies charge more to insure a hybrid vehicle. One of the reasons is that the cost to repair the battery system, if damaged, is more expensive and requires more specialized service. Another reason is that some insurance companies think hybrids attract drivers who commute daily to work and, therefore, are on the road more often than other drivers.

There are a few insurance companies that will give a discount to those with hybrid vehicles. And, once the savings in gasoline expenses are factored in, hybrids can save money.

Ohio law requires that everyone have at least the state minimum auto insurance coverage. Finding the insurance company that gives a discount versus the insurance company that charges more is time consuming when clicking on different websites or calling around. Save time by using the Advantage Insurance Network. They will provide quotes from all the insurance companies in one location and suggest additional coverage to provide even more protection when an accident happens.

5 Tips To Find A Great Used Family Car

Buying a family car is no laughing matter. As you want to drive around Ohio, you need a reliable car you are happy with. There are some tips to follow to make sure you get a great car and have nothing to worry about.

Shop Around

Shop around the different dealerships to see what’s out there. Start getting an idea as to what your budget is and what the dealerships have. You should also make decisions as to whether you want an SUV, a minivan, or a sedan.

Age vs. Cost

There’s a balance to achieve between the age of the car and its cost. If you go with something too new, it could be more than what you can afford. If you go with something too old, it may be prone to expensive repairs. Many say that you should look for a car that is around three years old.

Test Drive

Go for a test drive, no matter what. You want to be comfortable behind the wheel of the car. It is also important to look at how the car handles out on the road.

Know About Certified, Pre-Owned

Certified, pre-owned means that the car has gone through an inspection to manufacturer standards and has an extended warranty. It may be a little more money, but it also provides peace of mind on your purchase.

Get a Mechanic

Get a mechanic to look at the vehicle so you know what there is going on. If there are issues, you want to know about them before you make the decision to drive off in it.

Call now to learn more about auto insurance in Cincinnati. One of our knowledgeable agents at Advantage Insurance Network can help you find a policy that is affordable and provide sufficient coverage.



5 Hacks To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

It can be difficult to keep your teen driver safe on the roads of Cincinnati, OH. There are a few hacks that can help with their overall safety. You can only do so much and trust that they earned their license because they know what they are doing.

Have Them Sign a Pact

Teens often hear what they want to hear. However, you can get around this by having them sign a pact that says they are going to drive safe. This includes such things as always wearing a seat belt and never texting while driving.

Review the Rules

Review all of the rules with them, including the ones that are Ohio-specific. There may be specifics as to when they and cannot be on the road and they must stay within the state whenever they don’t have a licensed adult with them.

Limit Passengers

Too many passengers can spell trouble. This is because they are either rowdy, instigating, or being both. If you limit the passengers to one or two, it may be the ultimate way to make sure your teen is as safe as they can be while out on the roads.

Require Check-Ins

Once you let your teen and their new license behind the wheel, require some check-ins so you can be sure they are safe. Have them call or text when they get to their location and when they are leaving so you know where they are.

Create Punishments

What are you going to do if you catch your teen breaking one of the rules? You can create punishments that are so horrible (like taking away the keys) that they are going to do their best to stay safe on the roads.

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Six Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycle riders in Cincinnati need to remain wary of thieves. Criminals can steal these vehicles far more easily than cars; sometimes they just pick up a motorcycle and take it away in a truck. These tips can help prevent such crimes:

1. Park your motorcycle in a highly visible area, preferably with a surveillance camera nearby. Don’t place it in the shadow of a taller vehicle. If possible, choose different parking locations from time to time.

2. Connect the bike to a fixed object, such as a large tree. It’s best to accomplish this using a U-lock and chain. Don’t let your lock lay on the pavement; this enables thieves to break easily it.

3. Store your motorcycle in a garage whenever possible. Keep the door shut so criminals can’t see it. You may also use a cover to hide it and make theft a bit more time-consuming.

4. Put a unique, permanent marking on your bike. Take a photo of it with a camera or cellphone. This way, you can report the special marking to Cincinnati police when your bike goes missing.

5. If you have a heavy bike that’s difficult to pick up, consider installing a security alarm and an ignition lock. Thieves will find it much harder to start the engine.

6. Think about outfitting the bike with tracking equipment. Three out of four stolen bikes are never seen again. However, this technology significantly increases the odds police will be able to find your motorcycle before criminals sell it or disassemble it for parts.

Theft can’t always be prevented, so insurance is vital. Please contact the Advantage Insurance Network to review your existing coverage or sign up for affordable motorcycle insurance. You can reach our independent agency in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Deer are Dangerous to Motorcyclists

There is an explosion of the number of deer in and around Cincinnati. Deer accidents with vehicles and motorcycles have increased. The deer crossing the roads at night are especially dangerous to motorcycle riders who are thrown from their bikes when hitting a deer.

Recent news reports from WLWT television, say that bow-hunting allowed for deer, has not reduced the amount of the deer sufficiently. Normal deer herds are good when there are about twenty deer per square mile. The deer population has grown in some areas to be over two hundred animals per square mile.

Government officials plan now to use sterilization methods to reduce the deer population. The sterilization is a three-year research project in the areas of Edgewood Grove, Mt. Storm, and Rawson Wood.

Safety Tips for Motorcycles:

  • Avoid riding on motorcycles in forested areas, especially in the early morning or evening when deer are more active.
  • Use extra care when driving during the months from October to January when it is deer mating season.
  • When driving in the mountains or rural areas, especially at night, drive a bit more slowly.
  • Be cautious when going around turns.
  • Use the high beam headlight as much as possible to look far down the road ahead.
  • Honk the horn for a long time when seeing deer in the road and brake without turning to let the deer jump out of the way.
  • Deer like to follow each other. One deer jumping into the road means more will follow.
  • Take the yellow warning signs of deer crossings very seriously. These are areas where many previous accidents occurred.

Hopefully, the deer sterilization program will reduce the deer population sufficiently to decrease the number of accidents.

Be sure to get good motorcycle insurance coverage from Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati.

How to Get Covered for a Hit & Run

When you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, traffic can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you have plenty of coverage against accidents, including hit and runs. Whether you hit someone or they hit you, it can leave you high and dry to deal with all of the repercussions alone.

A hit-and-run can cause damage to your vehicle and injuries to you as well as the passengers in your car. Instead of reaching into your pocket to pay for everything, it’s going to be much easier (and cheaper) to file a claim with your insurance company. You just need to make sure that you have plenty of coverage in place.

Hit-and-run coverage is going to come in the form of several forms of optional insurance that can be added to your policy. You choose the limits as well as the deductible.

Collision – this is the type of insurance that may be able to pay for all of your auto repairs, regardless of who was found to be at fault.

PIP – this is the type of insurance that will cover medical bills, lost wages, and even child care. It can provide coverage for you as well as all of your passengers.

Uninsured motorist – this is the type of insurance that is available in bodily injury and property damage. When someone isn’t insured, this coverage can ensure that all of the bills are still paid.

Medical bills – this is an additional form of coverage that can pay medical bills for you and your passengers so that it doesn’t become your personal financial responsibility.

At the Advantage Insurance Network, we are here to help you save money on auto insurance. Call today and learn how one of our independent insurance agents can save you money on hit-and-run coverage and much more.



Extend Vehicle Life In Cincinnati

Extending vehicle life in Cincinnati is of the utmost importance. Many people forget to focus on regularly scheduled maintenance for their vehicle and then they end up spending a lot of money down the road in repairs. If you are going to spend the money on a car, you want to extend the life so that you get the maximum value from it. There are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you are doing everything you can to extend its life.

Some of the most important things you want to do include:

  • Schedule oil changes regularly
  • Check tire pressure weekly
  • Don’t run the AC too much

There are plenty of other things that you can do, in addition to the tips above. Observe the speed limit at all times. If you are accelerating quickly and then having to use the brakes, it will use more fuel. With fuel costs rising higher than ever before, you want to make sure you are doing what you can to reduce the cost per gallon.

If you remove a lot of the added weight from your trunk, you can extend the life of your vehicle as well. Many people carry around much more than what they need in the trunk and this can weigh down the car. It can impact acceleration, performance, and even tire wear.

Learn about the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. This will be found within the owner’s manual or you can talk to the mechanic at your local dealership. Bringing your vehicle in for maintenance is critical for overall performance.

Call us today at Advantage Insurance Network to learn more about ways to protect your vehicle. We can help you to find an affordable insurance policy in Ohio and answer any questions that you may have about coverage.


Stay Safe Behind The Wheel By Being Awake And Alert

Any time that you are driving in Cincinnati, you need to be awake and alert. You may think that these sound like normal responsibilities, though approximately 60% of adult drivers will drive when they are drowsy. 37% will even fall asleep, and this can lead to 100,000 police reported crashes every single year.

The best way to avoid being one of these statistics is to stay safe behind the wheel. Be awake and alert at all times – and there are tips to help you do this.

You should always get a full 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, and this is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

If you are driving down the highway and feel the urge to fall asleep, pull off at a rest area and take a 20 minute nap. If you have a long distance to go still, you may also want to consider checking into a motel or hotel.

Whenever you are going long distances, try and split the driving responsibilities within another licensed driver. You should also plan on taking a break from being behind the wheel approximately every two hours or 100 miles.

If you do feel tired and don’t want to drive, don’t push yourself and risk getting into an accident where injury or death to you or someone else could occur. Ask someone to drive you home, or even call a taxi company. It’s better to spend the money on a taxi then to risk your life on the road.

The roads of Cincinnati, Ohio can be dangerous enough as it is, and you need to make sure to stay safe when you are driving.

Call us at Advantage Insurance Network to learn more about auto insurance. Our agents can get quotes and guide you to the best policy to have in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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