5 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Insurance

Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH is an independent insurance agency that works with homeowners to make sure they get the home insurance coverage they need at the best price possible. Below are the top five ways you can look at right now to save money on your home insurance.

  1. Multi-policy – Bundling your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance is a no brainer. With discounts averaging 20% on both policies, packaging your insurance needs is the easiest way to save money. It also allows your insurance agent to make sure you are avoiding any potential gaps in coverage.
  2. Call your agent when you update – So you got a new roof last year? Did you call your insurance agent? Discounts for updating things around your home like your roof, electric, plumbing and heating can top 15%. A two minute phone call to let your agent know about an update could save you hundreds.
  3. Consider taking a higher deductible – Most people know not to use their homeowners insurance as a maintenance policy. Filing a large number of claims can have a negative impact regardless of the size of the claim. It is important to have a deductible that is realistic should anything happen, but also to make sure you are not overpaying for a low deductible you do not need.
  4. Ask if your carrier offers a paperless discount – Most people today have an email address they check regularly. Heck, you probably checked it before you read this blog. Having policy documents delivered via email instead of through USPS can save on average 5%.
  5. Buy your policy from an Independent Agent who can shop around for you – Independent Agencies like Advantage Insurance Network can take the hassle out of shopping around for your homeowners insurance. With one phone call – or one visit to our website www.myadvantageinsurance.com – you can get dozens of quotes from nationally recognized, top rated carriers.

Questions on any of the above? Call us today at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati OH to make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is up to date and that you are getting the most out of your insurance. We can review your homeowners insurance with you and make sure you are taking advantage of all of your potential discounts.

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