How do i know what my custom bike is worth?

When you buy a custom bike or choose to have a bike customized, you want to make sure that it is insured for its real and actual value. While you can insure it for its value in original condition, you lose all of the time and money you have invested in it. The agents of Advantage Insurance Network can help Cincinnati, OH residents find out their customized bike’s true value and make sure it is properly insured to protect you from loss.

Keep Your Receipts and Document Your Time

Always keep your receipts for everything you purchase and every service you pay for. Take photographs of the customization process and document your time and any techniques that were used. This will provide proof of the money and time spent on the project.

Talk to An Appraiser

In order to insure your bike or any vehicle for that matter, it must be appraised. An appraiser will be able to determine actual value as well as what it would cost to repair or replace the bike if it was stolen or damaged in any way.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Talk to your insurance agent to find out what type of policy you will need. Can you get by with a traditional motorcycle policy or should you opt for a specialty policy? They will have the answers you need.

Call the agents of Advantage Insurance Network if you live in the Cincinnati, OH area and own or are thinking of buying a customized bike. They will help you learn the true value of your bike and what type of policy will be most beneficial if anything ever happens to your bike. 

Summer Boat Maintenance You Can’t Overlook

The warmer the weather gets, the more intense the itch to get out on the Cincinnati, OH waters and start experiencing new summertime adventures. As with any activity on your boat, preparations should begin now to ensure peace of mind and low-risk fun. Staying safe is the first step towards avoiding what might be a potential disaster, killjoy or not.  

This summer, Advantage Insurance Network reminds you of three vital boat maintenance tasks that you simply cannot forget to check.

1. Keep it Clean

Wash your boat often, especially if you keep her in salt or briny water. Not only can salt heavily corrode the body of your boat, but important hardware can grow brittle and become unusable. Add to your boat’s gel coat before hitting the summer waters.

2. Engines at the Ready

Check all fluids, pumps, hoses, and batteries before your inaugural mission on the lake. When out on the water, things can go south (or down) fast. If you feel that you can’t service your boat properly, consider contacting a licensed boat mechanic.

3. Just in Case

Maintenance is more than just checking oil levels. Prepare your loved ones with a plan of action that ensures safety and survival in a crisis situation. Rehearse emergency exits from your boat, and be sure that all health and safety equipment is good to go for the summer and beyond.

Despite the hours you spend maintaining her, no amount of work will keep your boat completely safe from the unexpected. Being prepared with a boat insurance plan from Advantage Insurance Network is the best form of preventative maintenance for you and your unique investment. Don’t leave your boat out in deep water. Call our Cincinnati, OH office today to learn more about what we offer.

Can Life Insurance Provide Money For College?

Life insurance is a great multi-purpose product that can help the policy holder and loved ones in a variety of ways. Not only does it provide coverage for a covered death, but it may also be a way to obtain funds in the future. One of the ways that this policy can help with finances in the future is by providing some funds for college.

Money For College

There are generally two types of insurance available to people who wish to purchase a policy. The most simple and basic is term life insurance. It is in effect for a specified amount of time and is purchased up front. The other type is whole life insurance and it is paid in increments each month. Whole life can not only provide financial protection for beneficiaries in the event of the death of the policyholder, but it can also serve as a source of funds later on when the policy has been kept active for a specified number of years. Depending on the policy, money may be withdrawn to be used for expenses such as college, or it may be borrowed against to help with tuition or emergencies. 

Selecting The Right Coverage

People who wish to purchase life insurance that can act as a financial cushion for future expenses such as college should work with a licensed life insurance agent who represents a reputable insurance agency. They can help clients find insurance products that can match present and future needs and explain how each works in detail. People who live in and around the Cincinnati, OH area should check out Advantage Insurance Network to discover high-quality life insurance products that provide options. 

People who are considering purchasing life insurance with options for college, should call or stop by Advantage Insurance Network serving the residents in and around the Cincinnati, OH area. 

Can You Take out a Commercial Insurance Policy on Someone Else’s Business?

A commercial insurance policy is a must for anyone that owns a business. A commercial policy is going to protect the user from any issue that might occur and to help make sure that if something does happen, you are able to use that insurance money to rebuild the business. For those that live in the Cincinnati, OH area, the agents with Advantage Insurance Network can help you to find the insurance policy that is going to work best for you.

Commercial policies are necessary to help protect your business and to help you recover if something does happen to your business. This means that you cannot take a commercial policy out on a business that you do not have a vested interest in. Say for instance that you have loaned money to someone to start a business if you can prove the loan and prove that you have a vested interest in that business and its success and safety, you can take out a policy on that business. Generally, your insurance company is going to want you to prove that you have a vested interest in the business before you are able to take out any sort of commercial policy on it.

If you own a business, you can easily get a great policy to protect your company from things like fire, theft, vandalism and more so that you can rest easy knowing that your business is 100% safe and that you are not going to have to deal with loss of income if something happens to destroy your business. For those in the  Cincinnati, OH area, the agents with Advantage Insurance Network can help you find the policy that is going to work best for you and your individual needs.

Why Upgrade to a Smart Home Security System?

Buying a new home can be a satisfying adventure. When you finally find the one that you have been looking for, you’ll want to feel safe. Purchasing a security system is the first step in making sure your family is protected from outside dangers, such as burglaries, fires, or even carbon monoxide poisoning. The Advantage Insurance Network independent agents in Cincinnati, OH can help you decide which security systems is right for you and which will help lower your insurance rates.

Types of Home Security Systems

The most basic type of alarm system is called a local alarm. It is not monitored. If someone breaks into your home, there is no monitoring system that will notify the authorities. The second type of system is a wired system. This type includes a monitoring company who continuously monitors your system. When one of the alarms are tripped, the company will contact you and then emergency personnel if you need help.

Upgrading to a Smart Home

If you decide to upgrade to smart home security, you will need to find a home security company that offers options for smart home security. A smart home system can be local or unmonitored as well as monitored. The system that you choose will depend on your home’s needs. Security systems usually include a security panel and sensors for your doors and windows. If you’re adding smart security to your home security solutions it can come with live security feeds through your smartphone, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection, and keyless entry for your house and garage doors. You can also include smart lights in your plan.

Stop by Advantage Insurance Network where the independent insurance agents in Cincinnati, OH can offer you information about securing homeowners insurance.

Why Getting Auto Insurance from Your Insurance Agency is a Good Idea

When buying a new or previously-owned automobile from a car dealer, you will need to have auto insurance in place before the dealer will let you drive it off the lot. Most auto dealers will try their best to get you to buy auto insurance through their contacts. Everything that they add on to the purchase is more money in their pockets. They may get a commission, rebates, special incentives, or other things by placing new auto insurance through certain insurance underwriters and insurance agencies that they have an affiliation with. However, there are many reasons why it is not a good idea to get your auto insurance from the same place as you buy your car.

Talk with Your Agent For Best Results

One reason is that you add another middle-person in the transaction, which usually makes the same level of auto insurance coverage more expensive. Moreover, you may never get to talk with an insurance agent to get the personal, high-quality customer service that you deserve.

You can avoid these troubles by simply calling your agent at Advantage Insurance Network, serving Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area, when you are getting a new car. In fact, you can call your agent when you are thinking about which car might be best to buy so that you can also compare the insurance premiums for the different choices.

More information is always helpful when making a major buying decision such as get a new vehicle. Different vehicle makes and model years have different insurance requirements. Knowing upfront what your monthly costs will be, makes you a better- informed consumer. Also, if the vehicle has some problems with insurance claims for a specific vehicle or model, your agent can inform you about these things.

Get a Quote While You Shop

So, as you are shopping for a new vehicle or a previously-owned one, just call your insurance agent at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH to get a quote. Everything can be handled quickly and easily so you are ready with auto insurance coverage when you want to drive your new vehicle off the lot. 

What is Covered by Restaurant and Bar Insurance?

Restaurant and bar insurance is different than the usual kind of commercial insurance, Advantage Insurance Network, serving Cincinnati, OH, explains. The food and beverage industry’s unique nature can leave an owner legally exposed if a mishap occurs to any of the customers he or she serves

Like other forms of commercial insurance, restaurant and bar insurance will protect you against equipment failure, theft or other crime, a disaster such as a fire or flood, and lengthy downtime because of a natural disaster. However, the main virtue of taking out a restaurant and bar insurance policy is that it covers you in case of harm done to a customer.

Suppose that a customer at your establishment suffers food poisoning or perhaps gets something caught in his or her airway. You can be insured against such expenses as legal fees, medical costs, and the cost of a settlement if your business is sued.

The liabilities of any establishment serving alcohol can be even more daunting. Any experienced bartender or server can tell if a customer is inebriated and strongly suggest that he or she get a ride home. However, some drunken customers can slip through the cracks and leave your establishment, causing a horrendous accident on the road. You, as a business owner who serves liquor, could find yourself legally liable for property damage, injury, and even death caused by the accident your customer brought about. Altercations at the bar itself between customers who have had too much to drink can also lead to legal action.

For further questions about how restaurant and bar insurance can protect you, contact Advantage Insurance Network serving Cincinnati, OH.

Does My Insurance Cover Defects in Workmanship?

Advantage Insurance Network offers contractors in the Cincinnati, OH area a variety of insurance policies that can help to protect against any type of financial loss, including defects in workmanship. As a contractor, quality and professionalism are important aspects of any business. There are times, however, when mistakes are made. Whether the mistakes are caused by defects in materials or defects in workmanship, you have a responsibility to make things right.

Defects in Workmanship

Defects in workmanship can mean anything from miscalculations in measurements or choosing the wrong type of materials. It may also mean that the completed work did not meet or exceed industry standards or the expectations of the client. In most cases, industry standards and company protocols are consistently me without question. It’s during the time when these types of discrepancies are discovered, that an insurance policy is essential.

Defects in Materials

Not every piece of material will be perfect. Defects in materials can result in defects in workmanship. In order to protect the integrity of the contractor’s work, any defective materials must be removed or replaced. If defective materials are used inadvertently, it’s important to correct the problem as soon as possible and maintain the standards of the industry in terms of quality.

The agents of Advantage Insurance Network serve contractors throughout the Cincinnati, OH and provide them with the most effective policy options available. The agents know and understand the ramifications that follow claims of defects in workmanship or the use of faulty materials. Schedule a consultation today to ensure you are fully protected against any type of claim, including those associated with materials and workmanship.


Why you should choose the Advantage Insurance Network

There are many choices when buying insurance.   How do you decide which is right for you?   You can buy direct from companies like GEICO.  You can buy from captive agents like State Farm or Nationwide.  But buying from an independent insurance agency, like Advantage Insurance Network, has many advantages.  Here are some of them:

  • CHOICE – At Advantage Insurance Network, we represent over 25 top-rated insurance companies.  When you call State Farm or GEICO, you will only get one insurance quote.   When you call Advantage Insurance Network, we shop your insurance with multiple companies to find the best combination of price and coverage.
  • ONE STOP SHOPPING – Advantage Insurance Network offers a full line of insurance products.  Whether you’re shopping for auto, home, motorcycle, boat, umbrella, business, life or health insurance, we can help.  When we handle all your insurance needs, it reduces the risk of gaps in your coverage. 
  • TECHNOLOGY – Advantage Insurance Network uses the latest technology to shop your insurance with multiple companies and customers have 24/7 access to their policies through our Client Center portal on our website.
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE –  Advantage Insurance Network is a local business in Cincinnati, Ohio.   When call the “big guys”, you will just be another number.   When you call us, we want to get to know you.  Our agents live and work near you and understand your community.    

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.  Let Advantage Insurance Network take the stress out of your insurance shopping experience.  Don’t wait – contact us today!




Factors that Affect Health Insurance Costs

The most important type of insurance that you can have is health insurance. Today, many people are able to obtain health insurance from a wide variety of different networks and providers. When you are looking for health insurance, you may find that the cost of it can vary significantly. There are a variety of factors that will influence health insurance rates for people in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Risk Factors

Overall, the number one thing that will influence the cost of your health insurance is your risk factors. When you apply for health insurance, you will have to fill out a big questionnaire about your personal health and health history. Some of the items that were red flags will include whether you use tobacco, your body-mass index, and even your profession as some jobs come with higher levels of health and injury risk. 

Age and Gender

Even if you are in very good health, you also could have a fluctuation in health insurance costs based on your age and gender. In general, people tend to have more health issues as they age. Because of this, it is more expensive to get health insurance as you get older. Also, women tend to have higher health insurance premium than men due to the fact that they are more likely to go to the doctor. 

If you are looking for health insurance in the Cincinnati, OH area, you should start your search with the Advantage Insurance Network. This organization can help you figure out what type of coverage is right for you and then get you into a great policy. The Advantage Insurance Network can also answer any questions that you have about your health insurance options.