Getting Commercial Insurance for a New Business or a New Location

If you are just starting a new business, one of your main concerns will be getting commercial insurance coverage that provides adequate coverage. Another thing that causes a need for an upgrade to commercial insurance is when a business expands to open a new location. Commercial insurance includes coverage for your workers for on-the-job injuries or death under the State Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. You also need to coverage of your commercial property for damage to business property. Additionally, you need liability insurance for any damages caused to customers or third-parties. 

If your new business or new location is in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas, the agents at Advantage Insurance Network LLC will be happy to discuss the details of the coverage you need to be sure you have adequate commercial insurance protection. If your business has more than one location there may be advantages of insuring all of them with one underwriter.

In order to get a comprehensive quote from your insurance agent, you will need to collect information about your business. This same information is needed for policy renewals and upgrades.

Here is a handy checklist  of the basic things you will need (additional information may be required):

  • Business Owner(s) Information – Name, Percentage of Ownership, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security # or Federal Tax ID #, Telephone, Mobile Phone, and Email Address.
  • Business Information – Business Description, Website, Legal Entity Type (C or S corp., LLC etc.), Year Business Started, Federal Tax ID #, List of Directors and Officers.
  • Employee Information – Number of Employees, Employee Breakdown by Job Description, and Payroll Information by Job Description.
  • Previous Insurance Coverage – Insurance Carriers (Past Three Years) and Copies of Current Policies.

For all of your commercial insurance needs contact an agent at Advantage Insurance Network LLC serving Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping make your business a success.

Boat Insurance: Why you need it

You may not be worried about theft or damage to your boat and its contents, but your exposure to liability risks remains. Without insurance coverage, your life savings and passengers in the vessel as well will be in danger. Advantage Insurance Network, Cincinnati, OH has custom boat insurance policies to cover you, your boat, personal possessions and passengers too.
While there is not much emphasis on the need to have boat insurance in some states, there are several reasons why you need such coverage.

Coverage For Bodily Injury
In the event of an accident, passengers inside your boat may be injured, and if you are found to be legally liable, this policy will help you pay for injuries that other persons have suffered. Also, a lawsuit may be filed, and we will offer necessary representation to defend you at our expense. As a result, you do not have to worry about the cost obligation or the technicalities of dealing with such a case, because our agents assume these responsibilities fully.

Coverage For Damage Or Loss
Most probably, there will be damages to other people’s property as well as your own after being involved in a boat accident, and this will be accompanied by losses too. Boat insurance will cover for property damage to others, in addition to payment for fuel spills resulting from the impact. You will also be compensated for personal property that was damaged or lost aboard the watercraft.

Affordable Coverage
Advantage Insurance Network, Cincinnati, OH offers affordable boat insurance products, to suit the needs of individual boat owners. Besides, we have excellent boat insurance solutions that keep us ahead of the park, and you can find suitable cover from the options available, depending on your financial capability. 
We would love to have you on board so, call us today to discuss a cover for your boat and any inquiries on the same as well.

Can I Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on My Ex-Spouse to Benefit Our Children?

One of the questions that we are frequently asked at Advantage Insurance Network, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area, is whether you can take out a life insurance policy on an ex-spouse to benefit the children. Many ex-spouses are concerned that if their ex-passes away, the children will lose out on child support or financial support throughout their life. If you are wondering if you can do this, there are two things you need to know. 

What the Divorce Decree States

If you are trying to determine if you can take out a life insurance policy on your ex, one of the first places you may want to look is the divorce decree. In many cases, your ex is required to maintain any existing life insurance policies that benefit you or the children. If there are none in place, your decree may state you can obtain one with you and/or the children as the beneficiaries. 

If Your Ex Will Allow It

If your divorce decree does not state anything about a life insurance policy, you will want to talk to your ex about it. If you agree to pay the premiums and it benefits the children, they may have no issue with you doing it. However, if they do not want you to, there typically is nothing you can do about it. In most cases, you have to have their permission or consent in order to take out a life insurance policy on them. 

If you are looking to take out a life insurance policy on either yourself or your ex-spouse to benefit your children in the greater Cincinnati, OH area, Advantage Insurance Network would love to help. Call us today and one of our friendly agents will help you get started. 

Is My Boat Covered While on Land?

People living in Cincinnati, OH are not required by law to carry insurance on their boat, and if your vessel is very small or has a modest-sized engine or none at all, your homeowner’s insurance may provide some coverage on your boat. In most cases, however, you are going to need a separate policy. Your boat insurance will cover the damage that you cause to another person’s boat or property, and it will pay for costs related to bodily injury. In addition, your boat will be protected if it is harmed in an accident or by running aground.

When Your Boat is out of the Water

Your boat can still be protected when it is on land, but it is most likely that this coverage will not come from your boat insurance policy. Even if you have insurance on your yacht, it will probably only cover that vessel while it is in the water. When your craft is being transported and something happens, the risk is transferred and assumed by your auto insurance policy.

If the boat is parked on your property, the limited indemnification provided by your homeowner’s policy will not extend to your personal possessions if they are stolen or vandalized. The best reassurance you can have for your boat while on land is an umbrella policy that will work alongside your homeowners or automobile insurance to pay all costs related to any sort of damage. 

Advantage Insurance Network is a Trusted Provider of Boat Insurance

Advantage Insurance Network has valuable experience in serving the people of Cincinnati, OH with their various insurance needs, and it will be our pleasure to go above and beyond for you. We invite you to call us or to visit our office location to discuss the particulars of your insurance requirements.  

Why Many Places Require Renters Insurance

There are a lot of apartment complexes and even individual landlords that require renters insurance in Cincinnati, OH. It is designed to protect you and your belongings. When you sign the lease, you might even be required to show proof of your insurance policy. Understanding why you’re being required to have a policy will make it easier for you to spend the money.

Property Insurance Doesn’t Cover You

Many people make the assumption that the property in Cincinnati, OH has its own insurance. While this is true, it covers the building. It does not cover any of your personal belongings. As such, it’s important that you have a renter’s insurance policy under your name. Agents at Advantage Insurance Network can assist you with finding affordable insurance.

Anything Can Happen

All sorts of things can happen when you’re renting a home. The apartment above you could flood, sending water down on your furniture. The unit next to you could have a fire and spread into your home. You might even encounter a theft. If anything of yours is stolen or damaged, you have the ability to file a claim with the insurance company.

The level of coverage will vary by insurance company and what you choose. When you have more expensive items, you might need a higher level of coverage than what is typically offered. It’s important to identify how much you need. Some places will even set a minimum level based upon what they have seen needed in the past.

By requiring renters insurance, places take care of you. They identify that they are not responsible and they make sure that you have the coverage on your own. When you call Advantage Insurance Network, one of our agents can help you find the right policy to meet your needs.



Understanding Condo Insurance Coverage

If you decide to buy a condo instead of renting an apartment or buying a house, you will need to consider condo insurance. Condo insurance is a safety net to protect you and your new property. The Cincinnati, OH agents at Advantage Insurance Network are here to offer you support in your search for the appropriate amount of condo insurance.

Why Condo Insurance

In Ohio, the condos have homeowners associations that maintain insurance for their property. Because you own the unit and not the property, their insurance usually does not cover you. If there were a fire to the exterior of the building, the association would be able to repair the damage with their coverage. If your property inside becomes damaged, you may not be covered.

What You Get from Condo Insurance

Having a condo means you’ll need insurance, just as you would if you owned a house.

  • Personal Liability – if there’s an accident inside of your home, you may be liable for their injuries. You could have to pay the cost of medical bills, equipment, and lawyers’ fees if their injuries are a result of your negligence.
  • Personal Property – if your property is stolen, vandalized, or destroyed, the only way to recover the cost is to have insurance. For example, your condo is burglarized, but you don’t have condo insurance. You would have to replace all of those items out of your own pocket.
  • Building Property – associations may cover the cost of the exterior of your unit, but they don’t generally cover the cost of walls that hold fixtures and built-in bookcases. Condo insurance can help with that.

Buying a condo is a great way to start your life. Make sure to keep your home protected by contacting the agents at Advantage Insurance Network in Cincinnati, OH.

Dwelling FIre Insurance Explained

While a standard home owner’s insurance policy covers the structure and its contents against numerous hazards, a dwelling fire insurance policy covers against a much more narrow set of hazards. It costs less than a home owner’s policy and it’s customizable nature lets you pick what is covered.

What Dwelling Fire Insurance Covers
Don’t let its name mislead you. Depending on the insurer, a dwelling fire policy may cover: 

  • fire damage
  • smoke-related damage
  • explosions
  • wind damage
  • vandalism

The policy lists only the specific hazards covered. You can choose to cover only the structure or its contents, too. You can customize a dwelling fire policy to cover exactly what you need, including liability. 

Who Benefits from a Dwelling Fire Policy?
Many home owners don’t need a full home owner’s policy. Dwelling fire insurance makes the ideal choice for the following:

  • Landlords who need to insure the building, but not its contents.
  • Property owners whose home is under construction or renovation.
  • Owners of a second home or a vacation home.
  • Home owners of properties with a very low cash value like mobile homes or manufactured homes.
  • Home owners of historic properties whose structural features make a homeowner’s policy cost prohibitive.
  • Owners of significantly older structures in disrepair.

Visit Advantage Insurance Network of Cincinnati, OH to discuss whether a dwelling fire insurance policy works for you. Your Advantage agent can help you design a policy that exactly fits your needs. Remember that only a flood insurance policy covers flood, so if your home resides in a flood zone that requires coverage, you’ll need a separate flood policy. Let us help you design the perfect dwelling fire policy for you.

Will Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Lost Wages If I’m Unable to Work After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Even a small bump from a car can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike and fall off. This can cause a lot of bodily damage. As such, you may be unable to work for weeks or months if you were injured in a motorcycle accident. Advantage Insurance Network, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area, is often asked if motorcycle insurance will cover lost wages if you are unable to work because of a motorcycle accident. Here is the answer to this question.

If you are unable to work because you were involved in a motorcycle accident, your motorcycle accident coverage will typically cover your lost wages as long as a doctor states that you are unable to work for this period of time. Additionally, the lost wages fall under bodily injury. This means that you have to have enough coverage under your policy for these wages to be covered if you are at fault. For example, if your policy only covers $50,000 in bodily injury and your hospital bills amount to this amount, there will be nothing left over for your lost wages. If you were not at fault for the accident, the other driver’s insurance should kick in and help you, up to their maximum. You may also be able to sue them if you go over what their insurance covers.

As a general rule of thumb, lost wages are covered if a doctor states you are unable to work after a motorcycle accident. However, there needs to be enough coverage to cover this expense. Advantage Insurance Network, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area can ensure you have enough coverage for catastrophic events. Call us today and let us put together the right motorcycle insurance policy for you.

Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

Summer is here. It’s a time to enjoy the nice weather, especially if you have a boat. However, if you’ve put your boat away for the winter, you need to prep it for the boating season. 

1. Change the Oil

If you didn’t change the oil at the end of last fall, do so now. Acids and other byproducts build up in the oil, and these substances can cause corrosion and excessive wear. Ultimately, you’re putting your boat at risk of losing power and having poor fuel economy. It’s also possible for it to cause engine failure. Take the time to change your oil filter at this time as well.

2. Change the Antifreeze

Flush your cooling system. Change the antifreeze in the system. This fluid should consist of 50 percent water and 50 percent coolant. 

3. Inspect the Hull

Check the hull of your boat for chips, cracks and blisters. Examine the hull for a chalky residue. Fix any damage done to the hull, and if you have a chalky residue on it, it’s usually an indication of oxidation. Make sure you remove all of the chalky residue to restore the boat’s gelcoat to its original state. 

4. Test the Engine

Make sure you conduct a thorough test of your engine. By checking the engine, you can make any necessary repairs to avoid breaking down when you’re in the middle of the water. 

5. Inspect the Vinyl and Canvas 

Check the bimini top, covers, seats and other canvas and vinyl areas for dirt, mildew and tears. Clean the material and repair any holes or tears. 

6. Get Boater’s Insurance

If you don’t have boat insurance already or have it on a seasonal hold, make sure you have insurance before you take it out on the water. 

Contact Advantage Insurance Network, serving Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area, today at 513-922-9460 to get boat insurance you can count on. 

Popular Commercial Insurance Policy Additions

Whether you work from home or you have a separate office space, protecting your business also protects your livelihood. To do this, you need to invest in commercial insurance. Now, commercial insurance is not a one size fits all kind of situation. There are different policy additions to consider in order to make sure your company has the right protection. At Advantage Insurance Network, we are here to make sure your Cincinnati, OH business is protected in any possible situation. 

Liability Insurance

There are multiple kinds of liability insurance options available for you and your business. This includes both General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. Each provides slightly different forms of coverage, so you need to consider the two in order to select the option best for you. An experienced commercial insurance agent can help with this. Product liability insurance is another form of coverage to consider if you offer products to the general public.

Property Insurance

You don’t need to own your own building in order to need property insurance. This covers lost stock, signage, equipment and other materials your business uses in the event of theft or a storm. 

Vehicle Insurance

Even if you run a home business and use your own vehicle for deliveries or other business practices, you’ll need commercial insurance on the vehicle. Your auto insurance provider likely will not cover the time you are driving your vehicle for work.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, the size of your company or the products you deliver, proper protection is important. At Advantage Insurance Network, we want to do whatever we can to assist with offering advice and assistance in insuring your Cincinnati, OH company. So whether you have questions or are ready to protect your business, we are here to help.