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Your home is your most important asset — protect it with the right insurance.

Do you ever worry about unforeseen incidents or accidents damaging your home? Homes are susceptible to a variety of risks and whether you experience physical damages, theft or a liability issues, it’s important to understand that your home is just as likely to be damaged as anyone else’s. Ohio and Kentucky can run into some rough weather sometimes, and if you’re not prepared you may find yourself wishing you had taken a different route. Thankfully, our agency is prepared to show you the basics and help you find the right policy for your current living situation.

A home insurance policy will be there for you when unexpected perils occur on your property. Common instances of peril include excessive storm damage from heavy rains and high winds or damage sustained during a Midwestern winter blizzard. Additionally, home insurance will also be there for you if you are ever the victim of a theft. Personal articles like jewelry and expensive TVs can be added to your home insurance policy at an additional cost in case you are ever victimized by an unexpected burglary.

One type of incident that homeowners can also receive coverage for that many tend to forget about is liability. A liability issue tends to happen when someone outside of your family becomes injured on your property. Whether someone slips and falls in your kitchen or a neighbor is bitten by the family dog, you can be found liable for their injury.

At Advantage Insurance Network LLC we understand the risk that goes into owning a home. Owning is much different than renting and you need comprehensive coverage to protect you from the instances listed above and then some. Because we pride ourselves in our high level of customer service as well the quality in the products we sell, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied when you talk with us.

Call us today at 800-747-7086 or fill out the form on this page to receive more information. We write home insurance policies in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri.

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