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Even a little water can cause irreversible damage, so why not consider flood insurance?

Just because you don’t live in a high-risk flooding area doesn’t mean you can go on without insurance. In fact, many homes that are not in high-risk areas can find themselves caught in a flood if a bad storm happens to pass through or when a winter’s worth of snow begins to melt in the spring. As a homeowner, you will want to look into acquiring this policy especially if you live in proximity to the Ohio River Valley.

Many residents assume that a flood only means a large, catastrophic event, but this is not the case. A flood does not have to be catastrophic to lead you to have to pay for high out-of-pocket expenses such as replacing and repairing flooring, walls, and even the foundation of your home. Even a small amount of water can cause irreversible damage to home’s foundation if you choose to leave coverage at the door.

If you’re wondering if obtaining flood insurance is worth the cost, we can assure that it absolutely is. As a resident, don’t you want your family to feel safe and secure when the next big storm is approaching? While you may not be able to control the weather, you can make sure you’re safe from any excessive damage costs.

Typically, the standard flood insurance policy will provide valuable coverage for:

  • Heavy rain
  • Storm surges
  • Long rainfalls
  • Melting snow
  • Blocked drainage systems
  • And more!

At Advantage Insurance Network LLC we try our hardest to make sure homeowners are getting the coverage they need. If you choose to obtain a flood insurance policy with us, you’ll be happy knowing that if any covered water damage ever occurs in your home, you’ll be covered for the damages.

For more information, call us at 800-747-7086 and we’ll provide you with the assistance you need.

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